John Gardner III’s Previous Victim Speaks Out as Parents of Chelsea King Listen

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john gardner iiiFor the first time Candice Moncayo, 23, spoke out on television about her alleged attack by John Gardner III on Larry King Live. She claims the assault happened at Lake Hodges, the same area where Chelsea King had gone out to run that dreadful day in February.

Gardner is currently charged in the February 2010 murder of Poway High School student Chelsea King as well the assault with the intent to commit rape on Monacayo in December 2009 in the Lake Hodges area. Moncayo’s and King’s attacks happened in broad daylight, on a popular trail.

Gardner, who purportedly attacked the runner as she was finishing up her run, had no weapons according to Moncayo and just used sheer strength when tackling and pinning her down.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, she was told to shut up numerous times and after a physical and verbal struggle was finally able to elbow him in the nose and “ran faster that I think I’ve ever ran in my life.” She credits her ability to fight the attacker off, background in kickboxing, and “the grace of God” as reasons for why she thinks she did not get raped.

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As Chelsea King’s parents heard Moncayo relive her story, Kelly King, Chelsea’s mother, with much ache in her voice said that it was “painful to listen to.”

As her parents and the community still continue to grieve over the loss of Chelsea, yet another event has been created in memoriam to the talented runner. Hundreds of people will help to “Finish Chelsea’s Run” this Saturday March 20, 2010 at Lake Hodges.

Open and free to the public, this event is for anyone who wants to fight back against people like John Gardner III and for those who want to keep Chelsea King’s spirit alive. For more information, visit the Facebook page for the event.

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