Giuliana and Bill Rancic decide on surrogacy

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic Eight years after they first met, the E! News personality and the winner of The Apprentice have decided to use a gestational surrogacy to have their first child.  That means that another woman will be implanted with an embryo from Giuliana and Bill’s reproductive cells.  The decision comes after years of trying to have a child and in the wake of devastating health issues that truly has proven how strong the relationship is between these two celebrities.

The romance that budded between Giuliana and Bill began on screen when she interviewed him.  At the time Giuliana was dating actor Jerry O’Connell.  O’Connell and Bill had met previously and as Bill recalled in an interview the actor told him jokingly,  “I’d introduce you to my girlfriend but I’m afraid the two of you would run off together.”

Two years later (and both single), Bill and Giuliana met again for another interview.  Bill asked her out as soon as the cameras stop rolling.  Later that year they were engaged and what followed was a dream wedding and an inevitable TV show that let viewers into the relationship with all the flare of a couple’s reality show.  The twist that Giuliana and Bill, gave viewers was that it largely focused on their attempts to get pregnant.  Along with the long-distance relationship they were encountering, it was a reoccurring issue in the series.

In 2010 Guiliana and Bill announced that they had a heartbreaking miscarriage after they succeeded to get pregnant with their first attempt of IVF.  More health issues followed when in 2011 Guiliana was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy in which doctors surgically removed both of her breasts.  When speaking about the recovery Giuliana told Glamour, “At first I didn’t want to look in the mirror, because I felt like, ‘I’m getting better every day and this is about my health, so I shouldn’t get bogged down by what I see in the mirror.”

Now the couple is on the upswing as they have a baby on the way and their relationship is stronger than ever.  In an interview Giuliana said “Bill has been so incredibly nurturing.  I couldn’t have imagined him stepping up to the plate as much as he has.”  On top of that she also plans to use her experience and fame as a platform to reach out to women who are touched by breast cancer in their lives.  In the end though the health issues have changed her outlook, she returned to work two weeks after the procedure saying, “I’m still shallow, I still love clothes, I still want to talk fashion, I still want to gossip, so lay it on me!”

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