LT released from Chargers, after 9 seasons in San Diego

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Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

LaDainian Tomlinson, more popularly known by fans as LT, was released today from the San Diego Chargers after 9 seasons.

He was brought on in 2001 as the fifth overall selection in the NFL draft, and has since been considered one of the best running backs in the league and has set countless records (28 to be exact), emerging from his Chargers career a superstar.

His seasons with the Chargers can be said to have transformed them into a competitive team, also aiding in the development of Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, quarterback for the Saints in the 2010 Superbowl and Star Rookie Quarterback, respectively, into the high ranked players they are today.

Reports from ESPN reveal that the recent declining numbers of this 30-year old running back may have had an impact in Chargers President Dean Spanos’ decision. Additionally, as stated in a previous SDEntertainer article by Paul Arnold, Tomlinson revealed in XX Sports Radio talk show and the Scott and BR Show some reason behind his reasons for not renegotiating his contract.

“…It’s not about the values no more. It’s not about football, the things you’re taught- faith, family, football. To them, it’s not about that no more. It’s the name… It’s ‘me’.” [Tomlinson] goes on to say that he does not want to deal with that anymore… almost assuring he will be part of some sort of buyout.”

San Diegans are without a doubt sad to see him go, despite the disappointment surrounding the failed attempt at the Superbowl Championship. Regardless, the Tomlinson years are considered some of the best in Chargers history (just take a look at the numbers). In the minds of San Diegans, no matter where LT restarts his career, he will always be a San Diego Charger.

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