Tiger Woods Press Conference – Tiger explains himself

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From 'Keith Allison' via Flickr

From 'Keith Allison' via Flickr

What about Tiger Woods drives an economy worth $100,000,000.00 per year? He is kind of cute.  He is kind of graceful.  He is undoubtedly successful. Success brings success.  Most citizens of the world know he’s very successful.

After all that has happened over the last few months, they say he’s addicted to sex.  I say if not, there’d be no younguns.  For three months they’ve said this and that about Tiger and his future.  The time has finally come and gone and now we know what’s Tiger has to say about it.

Tiger stepped to the microphone during his press conference and:

  • He doesn’t know when he’ll return to golf
  • Appologized to Mrs. Woods
  • Appologized to his Wife
  • Appologized to his children
  • Appologized to his paycheck

In other words, he did his obligatory appologies so he could get back to his “normal” life.  That must be normal for Eldrick, better know as Tiger.  If what Tiger does is what he’s done over the past 10 years, will he continue to be addicted?  Will he ever make to money he did last year?  Does it matter, given his fortune should see him through till the 2012 end of the Myan Calendar.  What do you think?

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