Charger’s Leaving San Diego Leaves Fans With Few Travel Options

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Since 1961, the Chargers served as the heart and soul of football in San Diego. Countless fans would happily gather at Qualcomm Stadium to tailgate with friends and family, then go in to witness some hard-hitting football. However, early this year, fans were disheartened to see that the rumors of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles were true. Many fans came to denounce the Chargers for their move, but there are still many faithful fans out there. With games now being played over 2 hours away in Los Angeles, loyal fans are searching for the most efficient ways to travel to see their favorite team play.

Fans are grappling with the thought of having to travel over 100 miles in what is sure to be intense traffic just to see their team play.  As this seems to be the common problem with arriving to a game, fans must utilize more creative methods of getting to Stubhub Stadium. One solution comes in with Jayson Williams, an entrepreneur whose passion for Chargers football is unwavering amidst their move to Los Angeles. His company, 5 North Bolt, utilizes buses to provide an affordable method of transportation to and from Chargers games in L.A. With 4 different pickup points, including Downtown San Diego, Oceanside, Temecula, and Corona, fans can board and be treated to food and drinks while en route to the game. Upon arrival, there will be a private area for tailgating and enjoying the atmosphere before the game. At $75.00 per single game pass, or $500.00 for a season pass to all home games, this is an attractive option Chargers fans who still want to attend games.

Local college student, and lifelong Chargers fan, Cole Wagner, saw this as an incredible new opportunity to still be able to see the Chargers play. He said, “None of us want to drive all the way to L.A since we all want to enjoy the tailgating experience as well as the game. This gives us the chance to do both and still be able to get us home safely, plus we don’t have to deal with paying for an expensive uber”

If you prefer to drive your own car, it is recommend to pack all your tailgating essentials ahead of time, and leave early to avoid any infamous L.A. traffic. Depending on the location you’re driving from, you will take the I-5 N or the I-15 N to the CA-91 W, then take exit 7B toward Avalon Blvd where the Stubhub Center is located. Despite the inconvenience of driving your own car, it certainly beats using rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, which would cost an estimated $120.00 just to get to the stadium, not to mention the hassle of having to call one after the game is over.

Whichever way you choose to make it to see the Chargers play, remember to do it safely and to represent your team proudly.

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