Lauryn Hill Welcomes Sixth Child

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Lauryn Hill, the 36-year-old Grammy winner, welcomed her sixth child, a healthy baby boy, on Saturday, reports. According to sources, her son was born with complications on Saturday night– his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but he is indeed fine.  “Mother and baby are fine … Everyone is happy,” a source told the site, but the boy gave Hill quite a scare.

The father’s name and the baby’s name have not been officially released. also reports that the status of Hill’s relationship with Rohan Marley, singer Bob Marley’s son,  is unclear. The two have five children with each other but Marley Tweeted on Monday that Hill’s new born is not his, but he does wish the best for Hill and her youngest.

“I’m forwarding all well wishes to Ms. Hill on the birth of her new son,” he said.

CNN sources have noted that Hill is calling the baby, “Baby Bob Marley.”

According to ABC News, Rohan Marley is said to be dating 28-year-old Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana. The model tweeted “I’m in love with @Romarley’s heart,” a message that Marley himself retweeted.

However, Hill posted a letter on her website explaining that, although there has been separation between the two in the past, Marley did no abandon her during the pregnancy. She also assured all of her fans that their five children continue to remain a joy to both of them.

Hill announced her pregnancy last month at a concert in Detroit where she told her audience she would be taking time off to take care of the new baby. She has yet to confirm the birth publicly, but a message of congratulations was posted on Hill’s website. The newest bundle of joy joins his older siblings Zion David-Nesta, turning 14 this August, Selah, 12, Joshua, 9, John, 7 and Sarah, 3.

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