Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” breaks YouTube’s nudity policy

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YouTube’s problem with Kate Upton isn’t that she’s tall, blond, and gorgeous.  The problem isn’t even that she’s got some sexy dance moves.  It’s that she’s showing off her Cat Daddy skills wearing a trademark itsy bitsy bikini that is so small they consider it to be in violation of their nudity policy.  For those who don’t know, the “Cat Daddy” is a dance move that was made popular by a hip hop song of the same name by The Rej3ctz.  It involves moving your arms like you’re rolling the wheels of a wheel chair and getting lower and lower to the ground.  It sounds harmless enough and when you search the dance on YouTube you are connected to over 58,000 videos.  But Upton’s video yanked the rug out from all of them, quickly going viral and racking up 940,153 views in the single day it was online before YouTube pulled the plug.

While on the set of a photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar the 19 year old demonstrates her dance moves in a bikini.  With the beautiful, young girl gyrating her hips and practically bouncing out of her barely there top it’s no wonder the one minute video gained so much attention. Especially, when the video ends with carefree and uninhibited Upton playfully teasing viewers by saying, “That’s it, that’s all you guys need” while playfully swatting at the camera and holding her breasts in place.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see men all over America watching the video on repeat.

The Sports Illustrated cover girl is not a stranger to today’s social media.  Another highly viewed video or tweet of her is nothing new.    In fact it is her manipulation of Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube that is probably what put her on the map and have been keeping her there.  She uses these forums to shamelessly broadcast herself to the world and gain fame for her highly sexual image.  Tweets of pictures of herself at photo shoots or heading to Vegas have earned her a following of nearly 320,000 people.  It’s definitely not what younger girls should be looking up to, but no one can say the scheme hasn’t worked for the teenager from Michigan.

It looks like in the midst of the buzz about Kate Upton’s “nudity” on YouTube, her body will be making another appearance.  This time on a shirt by Marc Jacobs.  It’s a special item that features the model naked on the front of the shirt with the statement “protect the skin you’re in” hiding anything too scandalous.  The shirt is part of a fund-raising campaign and all the proceeds from the shirt go to the NYU Skin Cancer Institute.  Perhaps the model will begin to use her image to help the world do more than just fantasize about her body.


To see the video of Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” click here.


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