Emotional confrontation – mother of Amber Dubois and Gardner family

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Yesterday, Carrie McGonigle—mother of murdered Escondido student Amber Dubois—made one more attempt to speak with John Albert Gardner III, her daughter’s killer (and murderer of Poway teen Chelsea King). Her effort led to an emotional confrontation outside of the jail holding Gardner.

According to Channel 10 News, Gardner promised to speak with his victims’ families before his sentencing. However, he never followed through. As a result, McGonigle showed up at the San Diego Central Jail as Garner’s mother, sister, and another woman arrived to visit him. With Gardner being sentenced in a couple days, McGonigle asked if they would allow her to use their visitation time so she could finally ask Gardner why he killed her daughter.

Gardner’s family told McGonigle to stop harassing them, and ignored her requests to speak with Gardner.

McGonigle replied, “I’m not here to harass you. I just want to talk to your son.”

When the media showed up, asking the Gardners if they had anything to say to McGonigle, Gardner’s sister replied, “No comment. Leave my mom alone. You don’t even know!” reported Channel 10 News. Gardner’s sister and the other woman also attempted to keep Gardner’s mother away from the media, and according to another source, San Diego News Network, Gardner’s sister apologized for John Gardner’s actions. Gardner’s mother did not speak to the media and proceeded to visit her son.

This Friday, John Gardner is expected to be sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole for the murders of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King and the attempted sexual assault of another woman. His family is expected to speak before his sentencing.

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