Jesse James and Kat Von D Getting Married

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Jesse James and Kat Von D will soon be tying the knot. The question is when? The motorcycle builder came on ‘Good Morning America’ and stated his intention to marry his tattoo artist fiancé this summer, a year after his divorce from ex-wife Sandra Bullock. Nevertheless, no definite date and place has been arranged.  The two have been engaged since January, with rumors flying that they would walk down the aisle by February; however it seems that they’ve chosen to wait.

Perhaps it is because James is still recovering from the events of 2010. Last year was a tumultuous year for James as he faced disapproval from the world as news of his infidelity went public. Bullock, considered by many to be America’s sweetheart, gained the public sympathy while James received harsh criticisms for breaking her heart and their 5-year marriage. However in a statement made to PEOPLE magazine, James rebuked this observation saying, “2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs.”The ‘amazing woman’ he is referring to is clearly Von D.

Von D became acquainted with James in 2007 when the latter won the Garage Girl of the Year for James’ Garage Magazine. Von D however reported that the two met years earlier, when she was only 22.

Neither has stated their intentions to move closer to each other, as Jesse James now lives outside of Austin, Texas with his three children, while Kat Von D still lives in L.A. However it is believed that Von D will be relocating to Texas where James has already worked on creating a studio for her work.

Only time will tell whether this relationship and perhaps marriage will work out. James though is already convinced that Von D is the woman for him, stating “She fell in love with me when I was being called Satan. If that’s not a testament to what kind of a person she is and where her intentions are, I think nothing is.”

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