Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Mother’ Teaser

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The first teaser trailer for Darren Aronofky’s ‘Mother’ is officially here and it appears to be creepy in the most enticing way possible. Jennifer Lawrence, an academy award winner, was the star of the teaser, which made us excited for the future of this film.

Watch the trailer for this psychological thriller:

We know very little about the story line, as the director has kept it under wraps. But based on the video, we know that the movie will center around a couple. The couple, who expects to lead a peaceful life together in a home, will end up interrupted by “uninvited” guests.

In the trailer, peace is quickly transformed into horror as Lawrence enters an empty house and voices fill the walls. Lawrence is overwhelmed with anxiety and screams passionately out of fear.”You’re insane!” and “murderer!” were just a couple of the sentiments Lawrence let out.

At the end of the trailer, an ominous voice over said, “God help you,” and a series of frightening scenes flashed back to back. As a blood curdling scream filled the background noise of the trailer, an inferno broke out and Lawrence’s tears flowed out of trepidation.

Though that’s about all that was revealed in the trailer, we expect this movie to be a great one considering the director and cast. Since Jennifer Lawrence is going to be the star of the film, we are certain that it will be successful. The cast also excitedly includes Javier Bardem, who is Lawrence’s co-star. Ed Harris, Domhnall Gleeson, Kristen Wiig, and Michelle Pfeiffer will be in the upcoming thriller.

Paramount’s ‘Mother’ was supposed to come out on Oct. 13, but it is actually going to hit the big screen this Sept. 15. It’s going to be in the running at the Venice Film Festival and will originally premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

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