Kim Kardashian gets “flour bombed”

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When the Kardashian everyone loves to hate stepped out among paparazzi and fans Thursday night for the launch of her new fragrance, “True Reflection,” there was an unexpected surprise waiting for her in the crowd.  As she walked to the entrance of The London Hotel in West Hollywood she was struck by a bag full of white powder, which was later determined to be flour.

Kim Kardashian’s entourage took no risks after she was hit with the bag and covered from head to toe in the powdery substance. An ambulance arrived on the scene to determine the Hollywood icon was unharmed.  The icon simply waved them off, declining treatment and changing her outfit before proceeding to market the new True Religion fragrance.  Simultaneously police arrived to carry off the woman who was accused of the attack.  Little is known about the woman who threw the bag, but reports have trickled in that she shouted “fur hag” before letting the flour fly.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was quick this morning to release the news that they are not affiliated with the woman involved in the “flour bombing.”  They released the following statement:

“PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for real fur garments. Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.”

The woman described only as “short and Asian” was taken into custody, but Kim Kardashian declined to press charges and she was released with only a police report .  She laughed it off telling E! that it “probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me.  Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that’s a whole lot of translucent powder right there.”  While she seemed indifferent about the event her family and fans were outraged.  Twitter was buzzing with reactions.  Her sister Kourtney tweeted, “Classy to flour bomb my sister at her charity event helping women. I wonder if they would have dared thrown the flour at my hormonal and pregnant self!”

Events like this could bring about a change in the contact allowed between fans and celebrities.  Celebrities and politicians have recently been under attack by members of crowds who have alternative agendas.  Mitt Romney was recently the target of “glitter bombs” which like the “flour bomb” intends to cover the intended with glitter.  The glitter attacks have been thought to be activists for gay rights or of the Occupy movement.  Attempts have only been harmless, but if actions like hitting public figures with paint, flour, and glitter ever escalated there would be a real problem emerging that could spell the end of star and fan interactions.

Watch the event unfold!:


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