What to Expect From The iPhone 8 This Fall

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Just when you think Apple reached the sky, a new and improved iPhone skyrockets. Apple will amaze us one again this September with an iPhone like never before. The iPhone 8 is expected to consist of various updated features, technical improvements, and will celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary.

Though the new features may be rumors because nothing is concrete yet, the expected features will include an OLED (light emitting diode) display, a glass body and a faster A11 processor. It will also have an edge-to-edge display, no home button and wireless charging. These features are dissimilar to the past iPhones and demonstrate the uniqueness and pronounced upgrade of the new phone.

This iPhone is specifically distinguished from the iPhone 7 because it may lack aluminum and will instead be stainless steal. The design of this iPhone is also dissimilar from the past iPhones considering it will be touch ID and the camera might be built directly into the display. With that being said, there will be no home button and it might appear as a mere piece of glass. Additionally, the flexible plastic OLED will make for a thinner device and fortunately, consume less battery power.

Other exciting features may include more water resistance, long-range wireless charging like we’ve never seen before and even a dual lens camera. Furthermore, the iPhone 8 is expected to consist of biometric additions like iris, facial, or gesture recognition.

Clearly, this 5-inch premium model is going to go viral with these distinctive features if the rumors are true. Though many of these features may be rumors, Apple’s iPhones hardly ever disappoint and we are excited to see what’s in store at the Apple Store this fall.

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