iOS 5 Released Today

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Last week Apple gave its developers the final copy of the iOS software update, the “gold master” of the software.

According to CNet News, since June, when the software made its “debut at Apple’s World Wide Conference Center,” the software has been recently available to the public as a beta version. From June on, there have been seven releases of the iOS 5 beta: beta 1 (6/6), beta 2 (6/24), beta 3 (7/11), beta 4 (7/22), beta 5 (8/6), beta 6 (8/19), and beta 7 (8/31).

The new software, iOS 5, released as the final version today, on October 12th.

It will supposedly include the new iCloud integration, iMessage, an overhauled notification system, and other cool gimmicks.

So why should we care about the new update? What makes it so different from the other software that Apple has come up with in the past?

The difference is that now you can sync your data from other computer hardware to another without the use of cables or wires. It will mark as a new “turning point for the company’s software.”

Plus the new iCloud service, a replacement for MobileMe, will be launched with the new iOS device. While the program will have many of the same features as its predecessor, it will also include many new ones as well. CNet states that iCloud will be adding “new hooks” such as: “A back-up service that can store near-full copies of your iOS device on Apple’s servers for safe keeping, the capability to re-download previously purchased content from any one of Apple’s digital stores, a feature called Photo Stream that transfers photos from one device to another in the background, and a file storage for app developers to keep certain files, like documents or application settings.” Basically it will work as a “safety net” for those using iTunes on their computers and mobile devices.

The release will also include a new Notification application. It will notify users of any new messages or updates in small format that will let you switch from using one app to another without having to cancel the task at hand.

The other new feature that will go with iOS 5 will be the new iMessage, Apple’s new message service. It will give the user the ability  to send messages from one iOS user to another. So people who use iTouch or iPads can message each other through Apple’s first party application. Gone are the days that require the users to choose third-party applications.

Giving them the ability to save the money used for text message fees and use it towards other things, like more songs.

The new iOS 5 features are a huge step up in Apple’s technology line. I wonder what they will come up with next?

Photos courtesy of Apple, Inc via WikiCommons and The Next Web and Karn Sakulsak via Flickr.

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