Happy 10 Years to All Our iPhones

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10 years ago, the iPhone was released and everything in our lives consequently changed. The features were unlike any known to man before, and now, 10 years later, many of us can not live without our iPhones outside of an arms length of distance. Even though there are some downfalls to this reliance, iPhones have changed the world for the better.

The change from the physical structure of the model from 10 years ago as opposed to today is incredible to consider alone, but its even crazier to think about the changes in usage. Just 10 years ago, the iPhone had a 3.5-inch screen, but now the newer iPhone screens have extended two inches longer. Additionally, the iPhone 1 allowed only about 4 and 8 gigabyte storage. Now, the iPhone is available in 32, 128 and 256 gigabyte sizes.

And, that’s not all. You might be forgetting that the iPhone 1 didn’t have a flash for the camera, couldn’t send photos, and only AT&T plans were allowed to use them, moreover. If you have an iPhone 7 now, you understand that the pictures you take are crystal clear images fit to take Christmas cards and graduation photos because of the perfect image quality.

Over ten years ago, Steve Jobs called the iPhone, a “truly magical product,” but I don”t think any of us knew just the amount of impact it would have on our everyday life when he proposed that. 10 years ago, phones weren’t as important and for many families, they were really only used when it was an emergency. Now, people use these devices to communicate to each other all over the world or even when in the same room over social media applications like Snapchat.

That being said, the iPhone has truly changed our everyday life, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy 10th year anniversary to our iPhones! While on the topic what’s next in store for the iPhone, Apple? We’ll wait.

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