“Glee”: No Kings or Travolta but Lots of Thrill

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So reports have unfolded that Kings of Leon and Glee creator, Ryan Murphy, are at odds. After the Tennessee rockers refused to let the series use their music, a war has ensued.

According to the Hollywood Reporter interview with Murphy, “”F*** you, Kings Of Leon. They’re self-centered a**holes, and they missed the big picture.” In response to Murphy’s comment, frontman for Kings of Leon,  Caleb Followill, responded trying to ease the situation, “This whole Glee thing is a shock to us. It’s gotten out of hand. … This was never meant as a slap in the face to Glee or to music education or to fans of the show.”  However, the bands drummer and Followill’s brother, Nathan, had other reactions. Nathan tweeted, “”Dear Ryan Murphy, let it go. See a therapist, get a manicure, buy a new bra. Zip your lip…”

Murphy told celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, “Wow. That’s a homophobe badly in need of some education. I’m all for manicures, don’t wear a bra. Would guess most gay dudes don’t. But it’s telling that Nathan can reduce a group of people to a mean-spirited cliche, in a time where young gay men are killing themselves all over the country because of hatred like this. That said, I would love to sit down with Nathan or any member of Kings Of Leon, and tell them how on Glee we actually love their music, and support their artistry…but cannot condone or even laugh at their clear disdain of gay people.”

Nathan soon after apologized for his comments and tweeted “I’m sorry 4 anyone that misconstrued my comments as homophobic or misogynistic. I’m so not that kind of person. I really do apologize.”

Another blow to Glee– John Travolta has turned down a cameo appearance. According to Entertainment Weekly, Travolta turned down the role because producers did not give him sufficient time to rehearse for a song and dance number. Travolta does not want to ruin his musical streak, usually “…when I do musicals I train for six to nine months… and a show like that is an on-demand thing. I really have a criteria or a pride that I would wanna knock ’em dead, and I don’t think I’d knock ’em dead in a week.”

Otherwise, Glee has been all-over-the-place winning at the Golden Globes, and now is finally returning on the day of one of America’s favorite pass times— football.

So for all Gleekers, the series has been well missed. The show has been on hiatus for a few weeks but it is back with a bang on Fox on Super Bowl Sunday on February 6th and again on Tuesday with a new episode in its regular time slot.

Rumors continue to ensue that we will be seeing Anne Hathaway, a Bieber-song-filled episode and a “Thriller”- inspired episode. Well the truth is…the “Thrill” has arrived. Pictures have leaked of the Glee cast in major hair and makeup. In an interview with Dianna Agron, she revealed February 6’s episode will include singing and dance numbers such as a Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll” mashup.

Get excited Gleekers, Cheerios in purple wigs with blazing batons are coming your way!

Watch the newest episode on February 6th.

Images from Wikimedia Commons and Ack Ook via Flickr.

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