Dominos and Ford to Test out Self Driving Pizza Delivery Cars

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Though it might be somewhat terrifying at first, the pizza you order to be delivered on your cell phone is eventually going to be delivered to you without a driver. When I say eventually, I mean that Dominos and Ford are testing out driverless pizza deliveries today in Ann Arbor to gauge the reaction of their customers.

The President of Dominos USA is confident in the direction Dominos and Ford are headed with this new innovation. “We are delivery experts; this is where the industry is going,” said Russell Weiner. “We think we are the right company, and we certainly are working with the right partner to make this happen.”

One setback of this innovation is that the customer needs to do more work than usual. Instead of simply waiting for the pizza delivery man to ring the doorbell and stumbling from a nearby couch to answer it, customers will actually have to go outside to retrieve their delicious pie. Oh, the horror!

In the next coming weeks, Ann Arbor customers will be asked if they would be interested in participating in a research project. If they select yes, their pizza will be delivered from a self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The process of retrieving the pizza is accessible and simple for customers. All they have to do is enter the last four digits of their phone number on a tablet outside of the vehicle and then a window is opened. The pizza is also in a compartment that will keep the pizza warm and ready to serve, which erases the risk of the pizza getting cold on the ride over.

Additionally, the team of engineers have thought of almost every caveat that might potentially ensue. And, they hope there will be mistakes to occur during this research project, so that they can perfect the self-driving pizza delivery vehicle in entirety.

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