Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight

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On Sunday evening, Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor fought each other with heart and to their best ability. After 10 rounds, Mayweather beat Mcgregor in the boxing match. With the abysmal trash talking leading up to the fight and this being Mcgregor’s first boxing match, we expected the fight to end ugly. But, it was evident that the two respected each other in the post fight press conference.

McGregor is a showman and mixed martial artist, while Mayweather is one of the best boxers known to man. On paper, Mayweather had all of the the chops to win, and an undefeated record, so the end result wasn’t a huge shock. Mayweather ended up taking his record to 50-0 on Sunday by beating Mcgregor after 10 rounds. Though McGregor seemed strong at the beginning, Mayweather told the press that he planned to exhaust McGregor at the beginning. After the fight, Mayweather said, “Our game plan was to take our time, then take him out at the end, down the stretch.”

Even though the two opponents talked awfully about each other before and during the match, they ended by complementing each other and showed camaraderie.

After the fight, Mcgregor talked about the score, and what rounds he thought he won. However, he knew who the real winner was and actually gave his respect to Mayweather. In reality, all that means is nothing” he said. “He got the win. Respect to him.”

Mayweather also gave positive insight regarding the fight and McGregor’s performance after the match. “I told him, ‘You’re a tough competitor. Good fight, and keep up the good work, Mayweather said. “He’s the Notorious One. I’m the Money Man.”

All and all, it was an exciting match and we can almost guarantee that this won’t be the end of Mcgregor’s boxing career, even if he says he is going back to retirement.

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