“Twilight” Star Nikki Reed Dates “American Idol” Star Paul McDonald

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Paul McDonald, the 26 year old former American Idol contestant for Season 10, may have lost the chance of being crowned winner of the show, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gained anything from it. His newfound stardom helped him catch the eye of a Twilight vampire. Actress Nikki Reed, 22, is now officially dating the singer.

The actress told US Magazine that she enjoys listening to his original material even better than what he has sung for the show.

Paul MCDonald was voted off the show on April 14, despite the dismay of the many fans. This placed him in 8th place for American Idol. Of the 13 finalists of the show, he was the first man to be removed.

McDonald performs in a band called The Grand Magnolias, recently changed from Hightide Blues. According to USA Today, the band has an album out on the Billboard charts and they have made the Heatseekers chart as well. Their album’s sales have increased by 146% since McDonald’s “American Idol” debut.

The couple met last month during the film premier of the teen paranormal drama, Red Riding Hood. He admits to People Magazine that he didn’t know who she was.

Nikki Reed is known for playing the role of Rosalie Cullen, one of the stunning vampires of the Cullen family in the Twilight film franchise.

Reed first received recognition in Hollywood through her role as both actress and screenwriter. She was a co-writter with director Catherine Hardwicke, for the film Thirteen. She is also known for her role in the Lords of Dogtown, and played the character Sadie in the teen drama series, The OC. In 2008, Reed won the role of Rosalie Cullen on Twilight and she has quickly risen to fame.

Although McDonald and Reed have not had much time for each other in the dating realm, they have managed to be loving and supportive. They try to find time to spend time together as much as possible.

According to CBS, Paul admits that he hasn’t watched any of her Twilight movies, nor does he want to “for a long time.” Paul says that he hardly knows anything about her career, but he does care about what kind of person and that “she is super cool.”

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