Dancing With The Stars First Elimination of Season 12

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Who was booted first on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars? None other than Mike Catherwood, KROQ-FM Radio DJ who is best known for his gig as co-host of the hot topic late night show, Loveline.

Also known as ‘Psycho Mike’ Catherwood was paired with 22-year-old phenomenal dancer Lacey Schwimmer.  There was even an obvious sexual chemistry between them that could not be tamed.  He tweeted to Schwimmer earlier today “Glad you’re awake. See you soon.” With Schwimmer responding  “Omg rush hour in NYC. No fun! @MCatherwood entertain me!” They will be official before we know it.

But what’s Catherwood’s biggest regret for being kicked off so early?

“I’m not a dancer, I get to go back to my regular job—this is her job, dancing’s her life, her livelihood” he tells E! Online of dance partner Schwimmer. “Everybody’s yelling at Obama: What are you going to do about jobs? Look at me! I’m losing people’s jobs left and right. And with a big smile on my face.”

Well he definitely is showing concern for Schwimmer’s future, even though this is her fifth season on DWTS.

Chris Brown performed on this first results show of the season—stirring controversy for his mere presence.  Mixed reviews for the singer are splashed all over twitter and blog posts, ranging from praise and celebration for his come-back to the industry, to downright condemnation for Brown.

The singer’s hits all over the radio waves don’t seem to be convincing the multitude of his drastic change since his 2008 domestic violence dispute with former girlfriend, Rihanna.  And his behavior on Good Morning America signal that his anger is still very present.

“We don’t have to talk ever again in my life,” Rihanna tells Rolling Stone about Chris Brown in an interview to be published April 1st.

Did Brown’s presence on DWTS stop you from watching last night’s episode? What do you think of ‘Psycho Mike’ and Schwimmer’s possible love connection?

Learn more about Psycho Mike and Lacey Schwimmer on E! Online, and see Rihanna’s Rolling Stone Cover.

Photos by Southie3 via Flickr and Benyupp via Flickr.

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