Chris Brown Throws a Hissy Fit on Good Morning America

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Who knew that Chris was going to throw himself into a hissy fit over a few questions asked about his past actions in 2009? For those who don’t remember, back in 2009 Chris Brown was behind the brutal assault of his past girl friend Rihanna…including biting her in the face.

According to Fox News, Brown, 21, went into a violent outbursts at the studios of ABC’s Good Morning America after his interview with Robin Roberts that involved questions both about his past actions in 2009 as well as his new album “FAME”. Apparently, Brown grew uncomfortable with the questions about his past negative actions and replied that he wants to just put his attention on his album and wants his fans to focus on his present actions and his album.

After the show, he stormed off the set and apparently smashed an exterior window in his dressing room with a chair. There was a lot of glass damage as the fragments fell down below. Luckily no one was hurt.

Fox News reported that, “Brown was photographed leaving the building without his shirt on, reportedly confronting a segment producer before employees stepped in to intervene.”

In his dressing room Brown let out a scream with such pitch and volume that other guests and backstage crew were scared and called security. ABC has not filed charges against the 21-year-old’s alleged incident.  If charged and convicted, Brown could face jail time as he is still on probation from the previous assault conviction.

Fox News stated that, after the hissy fit, Brown tweeted, “ ‘I’m so over people bring this past s**t up!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for [their] bullsh**t’.”

Photos from Faliq Idrus and Gemma Mary via Flickr