Entertainer Quickie: NBC Hires Chelsea Clinton; Brad Pitt’s Future Retirement

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This Monday, NBC hired former US President Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Her new job will be working as NBC News’ special correspondent.

According to NY Times, NBC News’s president Steve Capus stated, “The appointment was immediate. Ms. Clinton will begin work on stories that NBC expects to use as part of its “Making a Difference” series, which runs on “NBC Nightly News.”

An intermediary, contacted Capus back in July, who said that Chelsea was trying to figure out what to do next in her life. When the Chelsea stated that during her mother’s 2008 presidential campaign she was moved by the stories from those who were personally contributing to the campaign, Capus thought she would do well working on the reports for NBC’s News’s ‘Making a Difference’ feature.

Chelsea Clinton’s NBC career is not the only job she is currently working on. She is also studying hard at Oxford to get her doctorate’s degree and she is involved in Barry Diller’s media company IAC as member for five of its boards. Not only that, Ms. Clinton works for her family through her participation with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.

She is not planning on keeping most of her salary earned from her latest job. According to Forbes, “On her Facebook page today, Chelsea says, ‘I will be donating the majority of my earnings to the Clinton Foundation and the George Washington Hospital, both in honor [sic] my Grandmother’s life, who remains my inspiration for this new work as in all things.’”

Only time will tell how well she works at this job, and if she deserves it.

While some people are gaining new jobs, others plan on retiring from their current jobs. Star actor Brad Pitt has declared that he is ready to retire from his long-time acting career.

He plans on retiring in about “three years,” by then he will be 50. Despite being one of most popular actors, Pitt grows tired of the camera and feels he is nearing his “shelf life.”

Of his future family plans, Pitt admits he is not sure yet if the star couple will be adding any more to their brood of six children (3 adopted, 3 biological). He and his partner, Angelina Jolie haven’t decided whether to be finished or not, as they are currently happy with their children.

According to Celebrity Gossip, Pitt describes his blissful moments with his family and states that “those late nights are so fun when one of them’s up or those mornings when they get up and make pancakes or something. That’s what it’s about.”

With his family life fulfilled and his star career sky high, the highly-paid actor is now ready to settle down and enjoy life. He feels that he is not interested in finding happiness anymore, but instead desires to find a sense of peace in his life.

Pitt has stated that he feels happiness is overrated and is tired of hunting for it. When asked of his viewpoint on happiness and peace, he said, “There’s too much pressure to be happy. I don’t know. I don’t really give a sh–. I know I will be at times and I know I won’t be at times. Satisfied, at peace, those would be more goals for myself” (Fox News).

Whether his future retirement will bring him peace, happiness, or something else altogether, we shall see.

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