Celebrate International Women’s Day

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My Mom is a 4th grade teacher with an administrative credential who works nearly 60 hours a week so that her students will make an engraved impact on the world. She molds the minds of her students by inspiring them to take the next step in their education and follow their dreams. Her resilient spirit shines brightly and I wouldn’t doubt if one of her students became the first women president, a highly respected doctor, or a life-changing 4th grade teacher who followed in her footsteps.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day celebrates the significance of women’s rights as human’s rights. Women and allies stand as one and exemplify economic solidarity by stipulating their value in the work place in just one day. ‘A Day Without a Woman’ sheds light on the uphill rocky mountain women face in their everyday jobs, as they consistently dodge boulders such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and ridicule. Though these boulders roll down gigantic glacial mountains everyday, women hurdle and climb to the top of the social ladder each day, with scars that symbolize their perseverance.

Women and allies participating in International Women’s Day are making a difference today in three ways. Women and allies are doing their best to not shop today, wearing the color red in solidarity, and taking the day off of unpaid and paid labor. For more information and details regarding A Day Without a Woman, see FAQS.

With certain schools and childcare services closing, parents and families are concerned their children are suffering because of this day without women. Though one can understand this rational concern, an act like this amplifies the necessity for women in all areas of work across the nation. The message transcended to the wide nation demonstrates an army of women’s powerful force and sincere asset.

Just as the talented and male Michelangelo sculpted the unforgettable ‘David,’ my Mom sculpts the minds of our youth and inspires children everyday. Just as Barack Obama inspired African Americans to believe they can administrate our nation, Hillary Clinton inspired women to believe one day they will administrate our nation due to adamant elasticity.  Rid hatred, wear the color red, and participate in ‘A Day Without a Women’ to honor the legacy of women across our nation.

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