Aaron Carter Admits Michael Jackson Gave Him Cocaine At 15

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On the 2nd anniversary of the death of famous pop singer Michael Jackson, Aaron Carter revealed to the world that Jackson gave him wine and cocaine when he was a teenager.

Despite the nearly 30 year difference, the young star, 23, was known to be a close friend of the King of Pop, 50, before his death. Carter is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and had placed 5th during a season of “Dancing with the Stars.” He admitted that he is bothered by the past actions they did together.

According to the NY Daily News, Carter’s recent comments are in huge contrast to the his earlier statements he made in 2004 to People Magazine. In 2004 he had stated that he never did drugs with the “music legend” and never did them with anybody. Back then he was arguing against his mother’s worried claims about the close time he was spending with the late star while they were under no supervision.

Now in the present he has supposedly come forward to reveal everything about their special moments together. During his interview with OK! Magazine’s Daphne Barak, he reportedly said, “I never talked about it … This is first time. I do … I miss Michael … I have spent such incredible times with him. I did things with him that nobody else did … But I was troubled by what he did to me.” However, without Jackson around it is hard to tell what are lies and what are truths spouting from the star’s mouth.

Carter is currently working on a new album and is hoping to relaunch his music career. However, before he launches himself back into the music industry, his representative has stated that he has requested to take some personal time off and spent a month at the Betty Ford Center earlier this year. NY Daily News states that his rep claims Carter wanted the time off to help heal “some emotional and spiritual issues he was dealing with.” Whether those issues relate to Jackson we can’t be sure. But with nothing to back Carter’s story, his fans will have to take him at his word. Maybe his future album will be dedicated towards his idol, the King of Pop?

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