Halloween safety tips for trick or treaters and party goers

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It’s that time of the year again, trick or treat and enjoy the festivities that Halloween brings! Time to make sure you and your family, friends and munchkins are out of harms way with these Halloween safety tips.

Trick or treating and costume parties are the most anticipated events for all ages. Free candy behind every door, and dressing up as whatever you want—what’s not to love? Halloween is an exciting night for the whole family, and can be a huge success every year if you take the necessary precautions. Don’t let any misfortune get in the way of you enjoying this special night, so take some time to go over this list:

Trick or Treat!
•    Walking around on the street at night poses many hazards no matter what your age. Be sure to carry a flashlight. Some streets will be well lit, but some won’t.
•    No running! Since it will be dark, and your kids will be adorned in costumes, don’t allow your kids to run. They could trip, fall, or get lost. Also, don’t forget to look both ways when crossing the street!
•    Make sure everyone is wearing comfy walking shoes. Sore feet and blisters are nobody’s friend.
•    And of course, always, always keep a head count! Children should not be unattended by an adult.

Costumes are a must for Halloween, but don’t let any wardrobe malfunctions get in the way of your fun!
•    Be sure that you and your child’s costume fabric is fire proof. There is bound to be tons of lit jack-o-lanterns out there.
•    Also, use reflector tape to place on the backs of kids’ costumes. This way, you and cars will be able to see your child in the dark.
•    Make sure that masks have eye and breathing holes, and that props (like a fake knife or pitchfork) are not sharp!

Who doesn’t like candy? You and your kids will want to dive in the moment you get home—but don’t take your chances with what you put into your body.
•    Do a candy check—make sure the packages are sealed, and that they are in packages. And remember, when in doubt throw it out!
•    Don’t let the little ones have too many goodies before bedtime! Else you’ll have sugar-rushed, tuckered out little ones on your hands.
•    It’s important that the kids have a hearty meal for dinner, so that they will have the energy to trick or treat and walk all over the neighborhood, AND so that they won’t have too much room for candy leftover at the end of the night.

And for those of you that are of age…It’s party time and I’m sure we all just want to let loose in our creative costumes! But some things to keep in mind before you leave the house:
•    Wherever you go, whether it’s a family party or a crowded bar downtown, make sure you have a designated driver! It’s just not worth it… DUI’s are not a treat!
•    Also-memorize and write down your area’s cab number. You never know when you’ll be stuck somewhere! Extra tip: You can text a pick-up address to 777222 for a taxi to pick you up, it’s usually a lot faster process than calling.
•    And no matter who you’re with, don’t ever leave your drink unattended—in fact, keep it glued to your hand (not literally).
•    Buddy system, especially for the ladies! Make sure you travel in a group and keep your awareness up since there may be more creeps around then usual.

Halloween is upon us, and regardless of your plan be sure to follow these precautions. It’s a crazy night and you never know what could happen, so don’t risk you and your loved one’s safety! Have a fun and safe Halloween San Diego!

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