50 Cent Loses Over 50 pounds for movie role, Managers sue Ke$ha for 14k

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In today’s Hollywood and Industry round up you have 50 Cent in one corner, who lost an astonishing 54 lbs for upcoming movie role in “Things Fall Apart.” In “Things Fall Apart” 50 Cent plays a football player who has gotten cancer and struggles to survive.

Just last week this controversial picture of 50 Cent surfaced on the internet and shows the drastic weight loss that he had undertaken. 50 Cent is reported to be at his normal, healthy weight of 198 now; for the movie 50 Cent dropped down to 160 from 214.

In response to the picture that leaked and caused controversy, 50 remarks to the Associated Press, “There is no way to play a role like this without really committing to it.” 50 Cent added that the weight loss regimen he followed was liquid based; similar to what he dealt with in 2000 when he was shot in the mouth. The picture, which shows a dilapidated 50 Cent was taken during the second half of filming “Things Fall Apart” co-starring Ray Liotta, which is still in production and a release date has not be announced.

In music news, Ke$ha, the overnight sensation and “Tik Tok” songstress, was smacked with a lawsuit from her ex-managers seeking over $14 million in damages. Former managers claim that Ke$ha owes them 20% of her music earnings as result of their direct assistance in her successful career.

Charles Orther, Ke$ha’s lawyer, responded publicly that her former managers failed to “get [her] a major-label record deal in a year” and were not responsible for her later signing with RCA. Her managers go on to claim that Ke$ha prolonged the ability for them to sign her in their one year deal. Dr.Luke, a key player in Ke$ha’s career and eventual signing with RCA, is also being hit with a suit from the managers. Ke$ha’s former managers from Das Communications Inc., have filed a $12 million suit against Dr. Luke, both suits are seeking partial commissions from her signing the RCA deal.

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