50 Cent Leaks Sex-Tape and is Forced to Pay $5 Million

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The title “Get Rich or Die Tryin” has been the name of Rapper/Actor, 50 Cent’s movie and one of his albums, but if the phrase is his mission statement, then he may be seeing glimpses of the Grim Reaper very soon.

Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, is filing for bankruptcy after being forced to pay $5 million dollars in damages for positing a sex-tape that  Lastonia Leviston made in 2008. The video has 50 Cent cut into it wearing a wig, calling himself “Pimpin Curly” and sayings some very unflattering things about Leviston referring to her as porn star and a call girl, though when he was asked about it he said he was joking. 50 Cent made and posted the video as an attack on fellow rapper and Leviston’s former boyfriend, Rick Ross.

Leviston said that 50 Cent obtained the sex-tape from her ex-boyfriend, Maurice Murray and then he proceeded to make changes and add his voice to the video. The lawsuit dates back to 2010 when Leviston said that 50 Cent confessed to leaking the tape. Jackson’s legal team stated that they are “disappointed in the verdict but very appreciative of the service of the jury and the court”.

The real story here, though, as that there is lessons to be learned. The fact of the matter is this: as a performer and a businessman, 50 Cent has made hundreds of millions of dollars and now he has to be $5 million and suddenly he is bankrupt? Where did all of that money go? And as for Lastonia Leviston, it’s simple. If you don’t want people to see your sex-tape… then don’t make a sex-tape.


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