What’s Coming to Netflix in February

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Everyone’s favorite media streaming company is adding a wide range of new TV shows and movies to their catalog this month. We’ve all heard that one person complain that there’s nothing good to watch on Netflix, but every month, new titles are added, and this month is looking to be pretty great.

Kill Bill Vol. 1&2

Coming February 1st, these Quentin Tarantino directed movies are full of stylized action and martial arts. The films follow the story of a former assassin known as The Bride, played by Uma Thurman. After waking up from a coma of four years, she is consumed by revenge to avenge those who wronged her on her wedding day. These are some of the best of Tarantino’s work, and you’ll even be able to binge both of them if you want to!

The Hurt Locker

Also coming February 1st, this 6-time Oscar nominated film tells of the struggle of members of a bomb-disposal unit while serving overseas in Baghdad. Staff Sgt. William James, played by Jeremy Renner, is faced with the extremely hazardous situations of having to deal with explosive ordinance, all the while keeping his fellow troops safe as they navigate through the dangers of war.

Coach Snoop

This new show produced by Netflix takes a closer look at rap legend Snoop Dog’s work running a youth football league in South Central Los Angeles. The show will be centered around Snoop and a handful of coaches as they help guide a group of teenagers through the life on and off the field. Expect plenty of high flying humor and some good old fashioned sports with this one. It will be landing on Netflix on February 1st.


Another critically acclaimed film, this one tells the story of how one man was able to lead our country through one of its darkest times. In it, President Abraham Lincoln brings forth all of his passion, humanity and political skill to carve out his defining legacy and what solidified him as one of the greatest president of America. This film is great for all you history lovers who want to see an incredibly accurate representation of the mid 1860’s of America. President Lincoln is played by Daniel Day-Lewis, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the film. This film is certainly one on the list that has the potential to inspire courage, and make you appreciate those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


Riding closely on the heels of Altered Carbon, Mute is Netflix’s newest sci-fi movie that is set in a dystopian future in Berlin. The film will focus on a mute bartender, as he searches for his lost love in the city’s criminal underworld. The film will capture the stylistic cyberpunk sub-genre of sci-fi that has been popular and seen in films like Blade Runner 2049. The film will star Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd, and will be released on February 21st.

Here is a full list of upcoming TV shows and films that are coming to Netflix this month.

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