Russell Brand Battles Himself at This Weekend’s Box Office

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Russell Brand, comedy actor and husband to famous pop singer Katy Perry, now finds himself in two movies this weekend at the Box Office — “Hop” and “Aurthur.”

In the family film, “Hop,” Brand plays the character E.B., the son of the Easter Bunny. The film is a fun comedy about Easter Bunny’s son not wanting to take up the family business and runs away to try and accomplish his own dream, to be a drummer in a rock band.

It’s filled with a variety of interesting characters such as evil Marshmallow peeps and a surprising cameo appearance of David Hasselhoff. The comedy is suitable for Brand’s style of humor and will have you laughing throughout the film.

Russell has kept himself very busy within the last year, both with films and in life. In 2010, not only has he gotten himself to Katy Perry in India, much to the disappointment of her guy fans, but also he was involved in three films. They were the Shakespearean film “The Tempest” as Trinculo, the animated film “Despicable Me” as Dr. Nefario, the adult comedy film, and “Get Him to the Greek” as Aldous Snow.

He has also kept himself sober for almost nine years straight, the opposite of most of his character portrayals. This last week, his wife was on tour while he attended Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. He was surprised when the audience started throwing slime balls at him as he came up to present the award, Favorite Voice, to the birthday boy Eddie Murphy.

The audience got the slimey goo when Johnny Depp, who was awarded as the Favorite Movie Actor, opened the event by using a green goo squirter and dousing the audience in it. As the audience threw the globs back on to the stage, Brand had walked on. According to a source, he joked around about getting splattered by saying, “This is not in the script. You are all going to juvenile hall. You children are going to prison; you are bad children. Johnny, I wish you’d drowned them.”

According to sources, last weekend his “Hop” film put him at the top of the box office. Now with the upcoming comedy film for this weekend, “Arthur” it is most likely he will be back again to enjoy the glory of being a top box office actor.

“Arthur” is a remake of the original film that was made in the 1980’s.

“Arthur” is a bout a playboy who is constantly drunk, is always irresponsible and never seems to take life seriously. The playboy is forced into an engagement proposition by his mother who basically gives him two choices, marry the heiress Susan Johnson (Jennifer Garner), or lose his vast inheritance.

His mother (Geraldine James) hopes that through marriage her son will finally learn to grow up into a responsible adult. Seems like the choice is easy for him to make at first, until he meets the charming Naomi Quinn (Greta Gerwig), a girl in the working class who inspires him to do things he had never though possible and whom he falls in love with. Arthur is then forced to decide between love and money. The only person he can turn to for help, his nanny (Helen Mirren).

This weekend will be a battle between Brand’s two character roles, the playboy versus the Easter Bunny’s son. Which will win, and which film will be the top will be interesting to see this weekend? It will be a hard choice since he seems to do a hilarious and great job in both films. See both and decide which is your favorite.

Photos from Claire Harrison, Loren Javier, WEBN-TV, and Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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