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More movies have been released this week. Three new movies cater those who crave drama, baseball, or comedy.


For those of you who are huge baseball fans, this is the movie for you. The film, “42,” revolves around the story of two famous men in baseball history, Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) and Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford). The film takes place in 1946, when Jackie Robinson takes up the courage necessary to accept the challenge of becoming the first African American in history to play in Major League Baseball.  The soon to be history making player  signed up with the Brooklyn Dodgers by Branch Rickey; the two broke  the MLB’s color line forever. As a result, the two infamous baseball figures find themselves as targets in the eyes of the public, the press, and the other players. The movie beautifully shows how Robinson handles constant battles of vicious racism and hatred on both sides and chooses not to fight back, but play. For any form of violence could result in the destruction of his and Rickey’s dream of racial equality in baseball.

nottoday_officialposter_smaNot Today

This powerful dramatic film promises to be a very eye opening experience for the audience. The story, “Not Today,” focuses on the life of Caden Welles (Cody Longo), a young man used to the comfort of living a privileged life. At 20 years old he finds himself at the highlight of his life while vacationing and partying in Hyderabad, India. However, his life expectantly changes after his refusal to help a starving father, Kiran (Walid Amini), and his little girl, Annika (Persis Karen). His life of luxury becomes a life haunted by nightmares created out of a guilty conscious. However, when he tries to make things right by helping the two, he discovers in horror that the father , out of desperation, sold his daughter. Caden suddenly finds his world turned upside down as he finds himself exposed to the nightmarish realm of the human-trafficking trade. The young protagonist sets himself out on a quest to find and rescue the girl, before all hope is lost for her.

scarymovievScary Movie 5

Not a fan of baseball or drama? Here’s a newly released comedy film that is sure to set the audience with laughter. This recent parody, “Scary Movie 5,” fills its story up full of mockery of a variety of films, including: “Paranormal Activity,” “Black Swan,” “Sinister,” “Inception,” “Mama,” “Evil Dead,” and more. The story focuses on a young couple who have brought their newborn child back home from the hospital. However, the couple soon experiences a range of creepy and unexplained paranormal activity. To prepare themselves, the two set up surveillance in the forms of cameras, experts, etc. to their horror, the couple discovers they are being stalked by an evil demon. The film has a list of hilarious actors cast. Charlie Sheen, Ashley Tisdale, Lindsey Lohan, Simon Rex, Snoop Dog, Heather Locklear, Mike Tyson, the list goes on. Let’s see how this “scary movie” turns out.

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