New Movie Releases 2013

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This week, the audience can see new additions at the theater. Here you can find three new movies to help satisfy those who crave Science Fiction or Drama.


This science fiction film takes place in the year 2077 on what seems left of the planet Earth after a devastating war against aliens. With only two weeks left on his mission as a security repairman, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise), hopes to finish the job quickly and rejoin the other survivors in space.

During one of his rounds though, he comes across a crashed spacecraft, containing a beautiful strange woman (Olga Kurylenko) who knows his name. A chain of events begin to unfold since Jack’s contact with the woman and he begins to question his identity and the government who hired him.

In order to save mankind, Jack joins a group of hidden outcast survivors on Earth, led by the mysterious and wise Beech (Morgan Freeman). With such a strong cast of characters this film seems a definite must see.

The viewer can choose whether to see the film in regular showing or IMAX or both.

filly_brown43fFilly Brown

If you need a good drama flick to see this weekend, this new release would be a good choice.  Filly Brown tells the story of a young woman, Majo Tonorio (Gina Rodriguez), with a promising talent in the hip-hop music industry.

A talented rhymer, Majo, aka “Filly Brown,” dreams of stardom and recognition of her talent. However, she begins to question herself the cost of attaining those dreams when she finds herself being offered a compromising deal with a record producer.

Majo’s family struggles, a mother in prison and a father trying to take care of his daughters, adds further pressure into her life. Torn between providing her family with the record deal and losing her identity as an artist, and her supportive friends, Majo knows this decision could change her life forever.

Home RunHome Run

Only a week after the release of 42, baseball fans can have the pleasure of seeing another baseball themed movie. Home Run centralizes its story around the life of all-star baseball player, Cory Brand (Scott Elrod), who finds his life in chaos and out of control due to his problems with substance abuse.   

Haunted by a past full of dark memories, misdeeds, and guilt, Cory travels back to his hometown for rehab and recovery. The former player not only finds healing, but hope as well when the town welcomes him in and provides him a second chance.

By coaching a misfit Little League Team, Cory finds his faith restored and the opportunity to redeem himself.

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