“MIB3” pushes “The Avengers” from top of box office

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Ever since its release on May 4, 2012 “The Avengers” has been reigning supreme over the box office. The big-budget superhero movie has made over $523.9 million to date and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. However, the Marvel comic adaptation helmed by Joss Whedon only grossed around $46.9 million over Memorial Day weekend, which gave sci-fi comedy “MIB3” an opportunity to strike, grossing an impressive $70 million over the holiday weekend, and thus knocking “The Avengers” from its nearly month-long position at the top.

As the third installment of the “Men in Black” franchise, “MIB3” welcomes back agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) after a long ten year hiatus. The film takes place primarily in the past where Agent J is trying to save the world with the help of young Agent K, played magnificently well by Josh Brolin. It’s a funny and surprisingly heartwarming addition to the “Men in Black” franchise.

The first “Men in Black” film was released back in 1997 and the second was in 2002, both opening in first place and combined earned over $1 billion, according to Now with the added help from 3-D and IMAX technology, “MIB3” has seen a box office boom and the attention proves that the fun alien franchise still has a place in theaters.

According to, “MIB3” made an estimated $132 million in its first week and so far a tally of $202 million worldwide. Combined the numbers haven’t made it to the overall $523.9 million of “The Avengers” quite yet but it’s enough to push the team of vagabonds from top of the box office. However, even though it is doing well, “MIB3” isn’t doing nearly as well as many hoped. It was initially predicted to make at least $250 million worldwide upon premiering and the reality indicates it’s not going to be the huge hit that film execs wanted.

Regardless of whether or not “MIB3” is doing as well as predicted, the numbers don’t lie and they clearly say that the franchise shows no signs of diminished popularity, making it quite possible for another installment in the future, should the necessary parties desire such a thing.

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