Marvel vs DC: Which is better?

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It has long been debated about which comic book heroes are better: Marvel or DC? But comparing Marvel to DC is like comparing red wine to white wine. Some people like red and some people like white. I happen to love both in different ways. When it comes to comics, Marvel is clearly superior – here are some reasons why:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is far superior to DC’s Extended Universe

Now like I said before, I love both Marvel and DC, but when it comes to the film franchises I will always be Team Marvel. Marvel has everything planned out ahead of time and knows how to execute their ideas properly while DC struggles in that area. Look at how long it took Marvel to build up to Avengers: Infinity War, a span of 10 years and 18 films. At this point, it feels like DC is just trying to catch up to where Marvel is, but just can’t succeed. The Dark Knight trilogy and Wonder Woman were the only good films DC has produced recently.

DC characters are better developed in their TV universe

When it comes to the television side, DC is better and more capable of flushing out character arcs and plots, which has resulted in a widely successful television universe with their shows on the CW (or Arrowverse as we now call it). Granted, DC tends to kill off their characters too easily and doesn’t give viewers long to mourn them cause they get resurrected too soon.

The Avengers is a better team up compared to the Justice League

This really comes from my first point; Marvel took their time in creating the Avengers where DC just threw their team together. The Avengers work because each one had their own films before the team-up and they bounce off each other. Their dynamic allows them to combat evil fairly spontaneously. The Justice League were put together in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, with no development and solo films coming only afterward (starting with Wonder Woman and then Aquaman hitting theaters this December.)

It’s the heroes who make Marvel, not the villains

When someone says Marvel, your mind thinks about Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Nick Fury, Wolverine… The list goes on and on. When someone mentions DC, you start to think about the Joker, Bane and Lex Luthor to name a few. These are all great characters, don’t get me wrong, but Marvel has a way bigger list of superheroes than villains. DC has some great heroes, but their incredibly evil characters are more memorable.

Clearly, this list of differences isn’t huge, as both Marvel and DC have good and bad qualities. However, I prefer the Marvel heroes and what they bring to the big screen. Even when watching Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, I didn’t feel the same excitement and energy as I did when watching Iron-Man or Guardians of the Galaxy. Hopefully, someday soon DC can snag a Marvel writer and great an awesome movie to redeem themselves. 

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