‘It’ Official Trailer is Now on the Web

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The official trailer for ‘It,’ a film inspired by Stephen King’s terrifying novel, was just released on the internet and you don’t want to miss it. ‘It’ is coming to theaters this September 8, 2017, and the trailer was enough to make us terribly fearful and excited for it.

‘It’ is the first ever film adaption of Stephen King’s novel to be shown on the big screen, but will not identically follow the book’s storyline. Directed by Andy Muschietti, the book will instead focus on the children characters in the twisted narrative. In later years, the directors plan on doing a sequel that is centered only on the children turned into adults. In the sequel, the adults will successfully triumph against the terrorizing evil clown from Pennywise.

Furthermore, the film will be in a different setting than King’s novel and the past 1990’s TV miniseries. Instead, the first film will be set in the 1990’s and the second film will take place in the present day when the children become adults.

During the spooky trailer, much of the cast and the horrifying monster can be seen, which made us even more excited. The cast for ‘It’ includes Finn Wolfhard, from ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Midnight Special’s’ Jaeden Lieberher. Also, the hair-raising clown that is featured luring children inside of curbs and potentially devouring them, is going to be played by Bill Skarsgård (Anna Karenina and Hemlock Grove).

Watch the full trailer below for a closer look on ‘It:’

This film follows a series of Stephen King adaptions, which have all been worthy of praise. Some of the adaptions include Matthew McConaughey in The Dark Tower and a small series based on Mr. Mercedes.

‘It’ will be out this coming September 8. If you enjoy chills down your spine or Stephen King books alike, make sure to go see it (pun intended).

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