‘My Friend Dahmer’ Trailer Released

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Though there have been several variations of films and books about one of the most well-known serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, the newest film about his life will come from a different angle and stem from 2012 John Derf’s graphic novel. The first official trailer, ‘My Friend Dahmer,’ will specifically explore Dahmer’s youthful years in the point of view of Derf, who was Dahmer’s friend in Ohio before he became a serial killer.

Dahmer and Derf were teenagers in Ohio together, and Dahmer acted out at school. Regardless of his strange antics, Derf and a group of band nerds befriended him and thought he was funny for it. However, in the trailer it is clear that Dahmer gets progressively worse throughout the film due to his family life and alcoholism. During one scene of the trailer, a psychiatrist noted that Dahmer seemed fine to him, nevertheless. Dahmer responded to this sentiment with, “what about what’s on a patient’s mind?”

The disturbing yet appealing trailer is based on the serial killer, Dahmer, who murdered 17 men and boys in the Midwest. However, this film will show how Dahmer got to that point, before he started murdering innocent people.

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The film will transform one of Disney Channel’s most popular actors, Ross Lynch into the role of the serial killer. Lynch actually didn’t know who Jeffrey Dahmer was before he auditioned for the role, but nonetheless received it and looks like the right fit as seen in the trailer.

Other actors in the film include Vincent Kartheiser, from Mad Men, as Dahmer’s doctor, and Alex Wolff as Derf. Also, Anne Heche will play Dahmer’s mother.

As creepy as this trailer was, it definitely looks like it is going to be an interesting tale and will bring to life Derf’s best-selling graphic novel. The film is scheduled to come out sometime this fall. We will let you know whenever it releases as soon as we know.

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