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Though it’s oftentimes tough for movies to have more successful sequels and trilogies, Cars 3 was definitely an exception. In fact, Cars 3 actually zoomed past “Wonder Woman” in the box office during its third weekend in the theaters.

According to studio estimates, the third installment of Cars grossed $53.5 million in it’s debut, which is not a total Pixar was proud of. In fact, the total represents the next-to-worst domestic debut due to adjustment for inflation. Even though this doesn’t necessarily sound like good news, the content of the film was strong and people are loving it.

In fact, Cars 3 is receiving higher marks than the previous 2001 Cars 2. Additionally, the third film in the franchise scores a 66 percent “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, whereas Cars 2 earned a disappointing 39%. Also, Cars 3 received an A from CinemaScore, which was mutually impressive.

Cars 3 is about Lightening McQueen’s career path because he wants to get back into the sport that he loves. With the help of Cruz Ramirez, a new female heroine in the movie and Hudson Hornet, he prepares to compete on Piston Cups Racing’s  grandest stage. Though some sources are saying that the audience might have a hard time relating to the plot, the reaction from Cars fans has been nothing short of satisfied.

Even though some sources are unsure of the plot and Cars producers might be disappointed in the value of the movie, there has still been a lot to be proud of. We recommend that you see the third installment of Cars at your convenience. With the temperatures rising in San Diego, going to see a movie is a perfect way to get out of the heat with friends and family. See the next show times, make it a date, and prepare to laugh during the movie.

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