Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: Official Trailer is Out

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Today, a trailer came out for the new spin-off, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and it is both enchanting and charming. Considering the highly anticipated sequel to the mega-hit, Frozen, comes out Nov. 27, 2019, this trailer was a great way to get even more excited for what’s to come. The 21-minute featurette debuts in front of Coco on Nov. 22; you can also catch the trailer in front of this weekend’s Cars 3.

Instead of the short being told from Anna and Elsa’s point of view, Olaf is the star of the show for this digital short. In it, Olaf is on an important expedition to secure family traditions because this is the first holiday season his sisters are sharing together as non-estranged princesses. He wants his sisters to experience the season to the full expectation, since they were separated for such a long sum of time. Additionally, Olaf is sorrowful about the fact that they don’t have any family traditions, so he joins Sven the reindeer to go around Arendelle to find the greatest family tradition for Anna and Elsa.

Originally, ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ was planned to be an ABC television special. However, Lasseter and the filmmakers came to the consensus that it was meant for the big screen because of it’s cinematic feel. So, now Walt Disney’s digital short will pair up with Pixar’s ‘Coco,’ on Nov. 22. Excitedly, this will be the first time Pixar has ever had a lead in from a Walt Disney movie. Also, ‘Coco’ is about a boy attempting to discover his family’s traditions on Dia De Muertos, so the two motion pictures matched up seamlessly.

We are excited for the final product of ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ and will keep you updated on if there are any more trailers to come out in the future. For now, watch the trailer here and get excited for November:



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