Best Horror Films of 2019 for a Spooky Movie Night

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Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to get into the spooky mood than settling in for a scary movie night. Grab your friends and get the snacks going with these hair-raising flicks that are guaranteed to make you shriek with terror. 


This takes the crown on my personal list of scariest movies of all time. Hereditary is a slow, disturbing burn that quickly devolves into madness in a positively maddening climax. Steeped in real-life occult practices, Hereditary is one of the brightest (or darkest) gems to come out of the horror genre in the last decade and is sure to completely chill you down to the bone.

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When a group of college students decides to head out to a creepy haunted house attraction Halloween, they quickly find themselves trapped in a real nightmare as it becomes apparent the scares are very real. While this may seem like a tired concept in the horror genre, Haunt manages to pull it off in a fresh and unique way. 

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Pet Sematary 

A remake of the Stephen King classic, this retelling of the story introduces a fantastic cast of characters that even manages to throw in some new twists this time around. The film has an uneasy sense of dread that never really lets up. 

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When a group of teenagers take advantage of local woman that buys them alcohol and lets them party at her place. Known affectionately as Ma, they soon find out that she is hiding something sinister. Octavia Spencer knocks it out of the park as the effervescent yet unnerving Ma, making this a sure shot horror/thriller. 

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Velvet Buzzsaw 

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a Los Angeles elitist art critic that begins to take notice of a dead painter’s stunning portraits. Soon, he discovers that the paintings have supernatural qualities that hold menacing secrets. Velvet Buzzsaw is a smart blend of satire and horror that will have you glued to the screen. 

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Establishing himself as an outstanding director of horror films, Jordan Peele kills it with his second feature film, Us. Starting out as a seemingly standard home invasion thriller, Us evolves into a complex and mind-bending game with a completely fresh take on a genre that is often plagued with overused concepts. 

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When a group of friends is invited to visit an infamous midsommar festival deep in the Scandinavian forests of rural Sweden, they are thrust into a world of strange people, bizarre customs, and horrific rituals. Let’s just say things quickly turn from odd to horrifying. Midsommar is unique in that the majority of its scenes are shot during the day with bright and colorful imagery, creating a sharp contrast from the horror it portrays.

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Happy Death Day 2U 

Of course, we have to include a slasher flick on here, and this one is the ticket. Playing on the concept of “Groundhog Day,” a woman finds herself trapped in a loop that ends with her violent murder every time. She is forced to find out what strange force is causing her to live her demise over and over, or suffer the terror of living her death for eternity. 

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