Zenspa in Carmel Mountain Ranch offers Facials, Massages and Reflexology Treatments at Great Prices

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After a long day at work, there is nothing better than walking into a serene, relaxing environment. That’s exactly what you can expect when entering Zenspa in Carmel Mountain Ranch. The owner, Vivian, and her staff greet you at the door with a friendly face and put your mind at ease before you begin your treatment.

The waiting room is fragrant with fresh lavender perfuming the air. Eastern massage techniques are displayed on mounted screens and Pumpkin Peel pamphlets sit on the center-round table to be read by guests.

After filling out a questionnaire with pertinent medical information and details about your personal skin care regime, an experienced therapist begins your spa treatment. Particularly, Mary, Zenspa’s Lead Therapist, is a pleasure.

After heading to the clean and cozy room where aromatherapy scents invite guests to relax and rest, your treatment begins. I was treated to a wonderful Deep Tissue Massage, a Foot Reflexology treatment and a Customized Facial on my visit.

Vivian smiled when I commented on the nice scent that welcomed me at the front door, simply saying, “aromatherapy.” Aromatherapy uses essential botanical oils like rose, lemon, lavender and peppermint to affect the mood, alleviate fatigue, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. When you breathe them in, these pleasant scents work on the brain and nervous system and provide a holistic means to whole body relaxation. Zenspa has got this down.

The white robe and slippers offered in the private rooms are lush and cozy. Once comfortable in the maroon lounge chair with my feet soaking in a wooden tub of warm water, Mary re-entered and began the Foot Reflexology treatment.

Mary gently but firmly started the 30-minute foot massage, applying pressure to the soles of my feet with rubbing, kneading and patting techniques to relieve and alleviate pressure, not only in my foot, but also in the corresponding organs connected to the nerves in my foot. It was very relaxing. It is enthralling to know that a foot massage can bring so many benefits.

The bottoms of our feet have corresponding pressure points to each major organ and body part.  By massaging a person’s big toe, for instance, the pituitary gland is activated… and by rubbing the four other toes, the brain, sinuses, eyes and ears are stimulated.  Reflexology foot massage can also help relieve digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, arthritis and PMS. It is simply amazing.

In addition to the standard reflexology treatment, guests can try adding sea salt, milk or ginger to the foot bath. Sea salt helps detoxify your feet, milk rejuvenates nerve endings and ginger boosts immunity.

After both my feet were “reflexed” I moved onto the massage table. I was very thankful for the massage table’s retractable headrest (for my long neck) and wide enough opening allowing me to breathe.

Mary began a 30-minute Deep Tissue Massage targeting the areas I had specified earlier on the guest paperwork.  Thoughts from the day drifted away with each song played on the sound system. I especially enjoyed the “Chariots of Fire” rendition, suited for the spa atmosphere.  It was very creative.

The Deep Tissue Massage was amazing, but there are so many more options to try. Zenspa offers massages using various techniques like: Swedish: also known as circulatory massage, Shiatsu: a traditional Japanese massage, Zen Hot Stone: the Native American use of heated basalt stones, Acupressure: addressing chronic and acute problems through finger and hand techniques, Thai: a combination of yoga and acupressure, Therapeutic Sports: administered pre- or post-event and after injury, helping to alleviate pain and reduce swelling, Tui Na: unblocks and restores proper blood and energy flow to the meridians and muscles, Pre-Natal: alleviates muscle tension and aches as well as relieving swelling and stress on weight-bearing joints, Reiki: balances and releases blockages on a cellular level, Trigger Point: helps alleviate pain by releasing trigger points within muscle tissue, Lymphatic: boosts the circulation of the lymphatic system, and Cranio Sacral Therapy: concentrates on the shoulders, neck and the scalp, relieving tension headaches, migraines, jetlag and fatigue.

The foot reflexology treatment and massage left me relaxed and put my mind at ease, just in time for the evening.

I was welcomed by Kiana, Zenspa’s new licensed Esthetician who gave me a 30-minute customized facial that was tailored to meet my specific needs. A brief consultation about my skin concerns and how my daily cleansing regime was going, she began the treatment.  The lavender-scented steam that encircled my face during her treatments was wonderful.

Kiana explains that she uses pharmaceutical grade facial treatments on her clients: Epicuren Products (used by Ritz Carlton spas) and Glo Therapeutics (a facial product line filled with natural ingredients). She walked me through every step of the process as she applied the Pumpkin Peel, mulberry mask, Glo treatments and warm towels.

I asked if I needed any extractions done to clear my face of any blemishes she would find under her magnified and lighted mirror and she agreed with me that no facial is complete without getting rid of unwanted “heads” on your head.

After applying the final moisturizer, eye cream and lip gloss for the street, my face literally glo’ing.

Vivian met me at the round table in the front lobby and we talked there for a while. Very relaxed and enjoying the professional treatment and hospitable attention, I could understand why Vivan wants her spa to be known as “the neighborhood spa.”

Vivian explains that she personally gets a massage twice a month, adding, “I am a better person because of it!” Vivian said making massages a part of her personal wellness program has helped her with insomnia.

As we chatted, one woman came out of her treatment looking very comfortable in her jogging suit with her hair a little tousled, simply handing over a certificate coupon as a Zenspa “VIP member.”  Her daughter had given her a package of Zenspa coupons for the holidays.

Vivian so believes in regular massages that she has staffed Zenspa with 8 massage therapists working in her 13-room spa, open 7 days a week until 10:00pm Monday through Saturday.  She has also managed to offer her clientele full body massages at a discount price, all the time.

A new client can receive the $49 rate for the 60-minute massage by pre-buying a book of coupons, like the jogging-suit client had.  Vivian’s program has no signup fees, no monthly or annual obligations, her pre-paid coupons are transferable and they never expire. She even offers a same-day appointment guarantee with walk-ins welcome.

Another older gentleman, hooded in a grey sweatshirt, was leaving the spa and stopped to thank Vivian for his treatment saying, “that was so deep tissue!” Vivian had just brought on a new massage therapist he had worked with that night and he was very pleased.

Vivian wants her guests to know how important having regular massages are for overall health, much like taking vitamins or drinking enough water.

Vivian recommends having massages done once a month.  Having massages done on a regular basis encourages improved blood circulation, pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissue and vital organs, increases joint flexibility, lessens depression and anxiety, promotes tissue regeneration, reduces scar tissue and stretch marks, alleviates lower back pain and improves range of motion, reduces post surgery adhesions and swelling, relieves headaches and migraines, assists with shorter, easier labor for expecting mothers, eases medication dependency, releases endorphins and improves your general mode, enhances immunity by simulating lymphatic flow and helps athletes of any level with pre- and post-exercise conditioning.

As a part of her personal wellness program, Vivian adds to her regime a facial once a month.  She encourages others to do the same – both men and women.

By customer request Vivian opened a facial parlor in December. Kiana combined a few of her key facials into my customized experience but she offers so many other options too.

Kiana offers: Intro Glo Facial, Purifying Acne Facial, Anti-Aging Enzyme Facial, Light Plex – Brightening Facial, Hydrating Facial, Vitamin Facial, Peels (Pumpkin, Lactic or Salicylic) Facial, Sensitive Skin Facial, Gentleman’s Facial, Zen Spa Moments Facial and a Back Facial.  Kiana will even do a facial peel to remove dead skin with unwanted wrinkles and she offers waxing to all parts of the face, head, bikini and the Brazilian.

Coming upon Zenspa’s one year anniversary next month, Vivan wants to thank her 6,500 clients for their 14,000 plus hours of service.  To celebrate she is offering a $10 Valentine’s Day discount on the Couples Package in her signature Couples’ Room. Click on the coupon to print it. Simply bring it to the spa and enjoy the wonderful environment with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

This Couples Package includes a 60-minute Full Body Massage and 30-minute Reflexology Foot Massage for each person. This special is valid February 10 – 16th.

Another younger man left Zenspa before I did saying, “this was the best part of all my day.  I will come back tomorrow.”

I think Vivian has found her neighborhood niche in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

For more information, visit or call Vivian at 858-251-0088.  You can also book your appointment online.

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