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Did you know that your skin is a live organ and whatever you put on it gets absorbed into your body?

And did you know it “is estimated that over 90% of all commercially available cosmetics contain ingredients of synthetic origin – ingredients directly linked to serious health risks like cancer, infertility, kidney and liver disease and severe skin issues?” according to “The Shocking Truth about Toxins in Skin Care.”

On our August E&L TV show we helped solve this cosmetic crisis by featuring one of San Diego’s best kept natural beauty secrets, Vasseur Day Spa, located downtown on Banker’s Hill.  From facials and botox to acne treatments and teeth whitening, Vasseur Day Spa offers a full suite of services and is committed to offering the best that nature has to offer combined with cutting-edge scientific discovery.

Vasseur Skincare was recently featured in US Magazine when Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky acknowledged that she uses Vasseur Skincare Day 25 Cream saying, “[It] has pomegranate and smells so good!”

For the past 20 years Vasseur Skincare has been offering signature fresh, professional strength products that have proven to clear many acne-ridden faces and have erased years off others.   And the products are locally made, free of harsh chemical preservatives, stabilizers and parabens at the hand of the Spa and Skincare line founder, Melanie Vasseur, a Nutritional Cosmetic Chemist, Medical Esthetician and local San Diegan.

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During our August E&L TV episode, Angel Star, our show host, tried various beauty treatments at Vasseur Day Spa, the award-winning skin clinic that offers everything from acne treatments to laser hair removal, botox and spray tanning.  Angel enjoyed a Vasseur facial, massage and airbrush spray tan and was told the story behind this 20-year-young, all-natural and local skincare line.

Melanie Vassuer, the Spa’s Founder and Skincare Chemist, battled with acne since she was a young girl and by the time she was in her mid-20’s she had tried almost everything on the market, prescription and non.  As nothing seemed to offer healing and riddance, Melanie decided to take matters into her own hands and started studying.  She obtained a degree in nutrition and chemistry, and became a licensed esthetician.

Now, over 20 years later, Melanie has indeed created her own skincare line that did effectively heal her skin.  She now shares her findings with thousands of men and women all over the world who have become her devoted clients.

Melanie explains that “we must use something fresh and pure or all natural to look young and vibrant…we use enzymes in all of our products and none of our products have a long shelf life. Your skin is living and our products are too.  We feed the skin what it needs to repair itself and therefore we have great anti-aging results as my clients find fine lines and wrinkles disappearing as well as spots and redness.”

Some of Melanie’s favorite products are her ALA cream, Day 25, Eye Q gel and the Beauty Pillow.

ALA is a light cream that increases skin metabolism, reduces inflammation and redness, fights free radical damage and reduces wrinkles and scarring.  Day 25 was found in Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s makeup bag according to a US Magazine article and Day 25 provides sun protection, hydrates the  skin, infuses it with anti-oxidants and contains natural papaya enzymes that fight free radical damage giving it its trademark papaya smell.  The Eye Q is a lightweight eye treatment gel that acts like topical botox by instantly tightening and brightening the eyes and the Beauty Pillow is designed in the shape of an arc, covered in a satin pillowcase and works to protect your face from wrinkles while you sleep while keeping facial tissue away from the pillow.

Vasseur Day Spa also offers facial peels and laser work that allows for a gentle shedding of the top layer of skin to erase wrinkles and fine lines.

Melanie continues to share more about her skincare line:

“Our services combined with our all natural products bring about a total restoration and continued health of the face.  So our services and products are definitely anti-aging in every way and less expensive than getting plastic surgery! And as to why there are not more fresh skin care lines – there are only a few in the world – it’s because fresh skin care is much more difficult to produce and distribute; it is highly labor intensive. Our products are made by hand bi-weekly for quality assurance and more challenging to distribute due to their shorter shelf life – 1 year versus 3 to 5 years. “

And the longer products sit on the shelf, “the more inactive the ingredients become.  Worse, the oils can become rancid and filled with free radicals that actually accelerate the aging process of your skin,” according to “The Shocking Truth about Toxins in Skin Care” article.

At Vasseur Day Spa, every service offered provides a spa day luxury with the added promise of leaving you more refreshed, revived and alive.

Did you know there are actual health benefits to facials, massage and airbrush tanning?

Every day your skin is being exposed to dirt, grime and pollution, which gets lodged deep into your pores. A facial deeply cleans out your pores and leaves you with clean and glowing skin.  A facial once a month is suggested for optimum skin health and glow.

Getting a regular massage doesn’t just make you feel good, it’s actually proven to boost your immune system and reduce your stress hormone production.

Airbrush Tanning helps you get your glow on without the damaging effects of sunbathing.  You can choose your color – from light to dark – and have no trace of orange, seeing immediate results.

If you would like to book an appointment with Vasseur Day Spa, contact them at their website or call them at (619) 236-9095.

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Melanie Vasseur, a Nutritional Cosmetic Chemist and Medical Esthetician,

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