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The Easter egg’s have been found and the chocolate bunnies have been devoured, which means that Spring has officially hit the sunny shores of San Diego! With sunny afternoons and flowers in bloom, there’s really no better place to be and San Diego Entertainer and Lifestyles TV (along with host Maya Trabulsi) is here to help you make the most of it with our monthly episodes. April’s episode has so much in store and while it hasn’t debuted yet, here’s everything you have to look forward to, from fitness tips to an inside look at San Diego’s art scene!

Fitness should always be on your mind but like most, many people have found themselves in a lazy lull, motivation to workout nowhere to be found. However, Spring is known for being all about making oneself anew through a newfound energy and vitality. If there’s one season that should kick start your fitness love and get your body bikini-ready, it’s this one and The La Jolla Sports Club is here to help in this month’s episode. The boutique club offers state-of-the-art equipment, educated personal trainers, and a wide array of fitness classes that can accommodate any fitness level.

Not to be outdone, The Sporting Club San Diego is also here to get your motivation levels up. While this city certainly has long sandy beaches to jog on and plenty of hiking trails to getsportingclub working on, sometimes you need an extra push to get started. Centrally located, the Sporting Club brings together world class trainers and unique equipment only found in-house to get you started in the right health regime. Trainer Kris Machain stopped by to teach us the basics of interval training in this month’s episode so if you want his valuable tips you will definitely want to check the feature out.

San Diego is full of great art and this month E&L TV gives you a peek at some of the best this city has to offer. One such spotlight is thrown on the thriving artistic mind of artist Erik Martin, from Arek Art. Martin, who took the time to interview with E&L, has been getting a lot of attention for his interesting designs that have been showcased all over the city as live art shows and murals. Another bustling art community in the city is filmmaking, which is growing in leaps and bounds thanks to the San Diego Filmmaker’s Consortium. The SDFC brings artists together to create projects like “Proxy 2: The Mortido,” which is highlighted in this month’s episode with an interview with creator Justin Burquist.

blacktoproyaltyFrom hiking to painting, this month’s episode of E&L TV has a lot to offer and you won’t want to miss out on a second of it. We even take a break in the middle to check in with Sumi’s Oven in Carmel Mountain Ranch to find out about all their tasty ideas for outdoor parties. As always, if there’s something about this city that we should know about, let us know! We always love to hear from our viewers. Speaking of a local favorite, make sure to tune in to hear Black Top Royalty’s newest single, which will debut on April’s episode!


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