In this episode: fitness, art, interview with local filmmaker Justin Burquist and music from Blacktop Royalty

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Visit SanDiegoThough the weather has been a bit undecided here in San Diego, dry heat one day and chilly winds the next, spring is definitely in the air and the blooming flowers and twittering birds prove it! This wonderful city has so much to offer that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate – even for the locals – which is why San Diego Entertainer and Lifestyles TV is here. We take it upon ourselves to pick the best of the best out for you, the hidden spots that you can actually make use of from day-to-day, from the best fitness center to the best restaurants, and this month is no different! In April’s episode of E&L TV we explored San Diego in the spring, bringing you the names you need to know.

If there’s one thing spring is known for, it’s the birth of new life – which can mean anything from animals being born to revitalizing one’s fitness routine to bring a new found sense of energy and vitality. Improving health through fitness is the key way you can freshen your sense of self and there are a couple businesses right here in San Diego that we told you about in this month’s episode.

To start with there’s The La Jolla Sports Club. Located in, you guessed it, La Jolla, the Sports Club asks you to expect a lot from it, like
enjoying a fitness experience like no other. They promise that within their facility you will find everything you need to get your body, mind, and spirit in balance. With many different fitness programs, trained staff, special member activities, a day spa, and quality equipment, you’d be hard-pressed to find something worth complaining over.

sporting clubOf the fitness programs available, we especially like the group fitness exercise programs, like the Dance and Spin classes. We also love their Women’s Team, which is a community-based, all-women’s team for those wanting a motivational environment they can feel comfortable in. Sometimes gyms can be discouraging for those who want an outdoor experience and this is the answer, especially if you want to learn to swim, bike, and run for the enjoyment or for a triathlon.

If La Jolla is a little out of your range, try The La Jolla Sports Club’s sister gym, The Sporting Club on University Center Ln. in San Diego. Here you can find everything from yoga and nutrition classes to gravity and aquatics programs, as well as outdoor sports like basketball and tennis. Each program is designed to meet your unique needs, with top-notch trainers to help you every step of the way. If simply taking a class isn’t enough, you can always set yourself up with a personal trainer for some specialty coaching. For a taste of what The Sporting Club has to offer, check out this month’s episode of E&L TV where Kris Machain, a highly sought after trainer, showed us the basics of interval training!

black top royaltyIn this month’s feature we also delved into San Diego’s thriving art scene, getting you up close and personal with artist Erik Martin from Arek Art. Creating boldly unique pieces that have been admired in art shows and murals all over the city, Martin took the time to chat with us about his process. We also told you all about San Diego Independent Filmmakers Consortium, which works to support and promote the city’s growing independent filmmaking community. Bringing artists, filmmakers, and actors together to create beautiful pieces of art, like the one we examined in the new episode, the Consortium is proving an integral component of San Diego’s art scene. Make sure to watch the episode to find out all about Justin Burquist’s in-production project, “Proxy 2: The Mortido” in an exclusive interview.

There you have it; April’s episode of E&L TV! Though this gave you some highlights, you definitely don’t want to miss it for yourself, especially because local musical favorite Black Top
Royalty debuted their brand new single on air!

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