Top 5 Places to Watch the Sunset in San Diego

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Sunsets are sacred in San Diego. People gather from all over town to watch the sun play its final role as it takes a bow and majestically fades below the water’s surface. Because we have so many sunny days here, sometimes we have to remind ourselves how special it is to get to watch a beautiful sunset 75% of the nights in a year. Here are a few of our favorite places to watch alone, with friends, or with our family.

Sunset Cliffs

Well it’s no secret that Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma is one of the most desirable locations to watch the sun set behind the the great wide open. It is in the name after all. Every night the cliffs are lined with people watching the sun meet its destiny, as they reflect on their own. Locals and visitors walk, do yoga, sit, and take photos from this prime location as a peaceful way to say goodbye to the day and create joyful memories. 

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Have some time on your hands? Arrive about an hour and a half before sunset to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve to find street parking and ascend up the hill, which leads to the La Jolla beach trail. Enjoy the beginning of the sun’s farewell from the top of the hill, and watch it move from sky to sea as you make your way down to the sand. 

Del Mar Pizza 

This might seem a little strange, but believe me it’s worth it. Grab a single slice or a whole specialty pizza to share with your friends, and enjoy the sunset from Del Mar Pizza’s outdoor patio. The trees in the distance create a perfect frame around the sunset and creates a lasting memory. Looking for something a little more up-scale? Grab a corner table at Del Mar Pizza’s neighboring restaurant, Sbicca, but make sure to make a reservation. Those seats are a hot commodity.   

Portwood Pier Plaza

Head down the coast to Portwood Pier Plaza at Imperial Beach and enjoy the sunset from the pier. Take photos with the 25-foot “Surfhenge” public art display, featuring surfboard outlines and the neighborhood’s name, just steps from the ocean. Pack a light dinner, and enjoy a picnic on the grassy lawn right before the sand, or put a couple of beach cruisers in the trunk to ride along the boardwalk as you watch the sun meet its evening fate. Play equipment is available for kids too, so bring the whole family.

Oceanside Pier/Ruby’s Diner

Known for being one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast, Oceanside Pier is an iconic attraction for fisherman and visitors alike. Grab a seat at Ruby’s Diner on the pier before sunset, and watch the sun gracefully set as you gulp down a delicious Oreo shake. Bring your kids along to experience the classic diner on a Oceanside’s beautiful pier. The wait staff even delivers the food in car boxes while wearing diner apparel, so it is an authentic experience. 

Mr. A’s

Mr.A’s is one of the most iconic San Diego restaurants, and one of the best places in San Diego to watch the sunset. Not only do they have a spectacular French menu, but their view is one of the best in town (even after sunset). Watch planes land at the airport, look out at the San Diego Bay, and enjoy a romantic dinner. Mr. A’s also has a great cocktail hour with specials until 6:00pm Sunday through Thursday, so is a great place for a winter sunset.  Check out the virtual tour on their website for a preview of the view and make reservations for a romantic night out.

Say goodbye to another beautiful day by watching the sun set at one of these gorgeous locations!

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