Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer

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COVID-19 may have made last summer a bust, but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel and maybe, just maybe, we can finally take advantage of San Diego’s weather to the fullest. In anticipation of the summer season, let’s explore some of the factors you’ll need to consider when getting your boat ready for summer.

General Maintenance

There are lots of small components and parts that you should inspect for any abnormalities and damage. The most important of which is the propeller.. A damaged propeller could cause a chain reaction of damage within your engine. Keep an eye out for the common propeller problems so you can quickly spot and address these issues before they get worse.

Other items on your maintenance checklist should include replacing the fuel filters with fresh ones, checking that the bilge pump is working correctly, and ensuring the battery of your boat is functional. Afterward, make sure your vessel is stocked with life jackets, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and any other necessities.

Paint the Bottom

If your boat sits in the water during the year, then getting your boat ready for summer should include having the bottom repainted with anti-fouling paint. This provides a protective coat to your vessel to avoid issues like barnacles from forming on the hull. Furthermore, as you repaint, you should scrape and sand the bottom to remove any lingering growths that would drag your boat down and hinder its efficiency.

Prep the Trailer

If you instead haul your boat out to the shore, then in addition to inspecting your boat you should also inspect your trailer. Ensure that the wheel bearings are greased, the tires are replaced if needed, and that the lights are functioning correctly. This precaution will keep both your boat and car safe during the towing process by lessening the stress on your car and reducing the risk of the boat coming off the trailer.

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