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Photo from basykes via Flickr

Photo from basykes via Flickr

Thanksgiving is only two days away; are you prepared for this fun and food filled holiday? With relatives coming in from out of town and all the dishes and people you’re going to have to stuff into your house, Thanksgiving can definitely be a stressful time for anyone.

Luckily, you can avoid panic, last minute obstacles and frantically running around your kitchen if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. Here at the Entertainer we want to help you be prepared for the big feast. Here’s one checklist you will be thankful for:

Start these things now…
•    Decide what’s going to be on your menu, then coordinate and confirm with family and guests about who’s bringing what dish. This will really help you out since as host you will be preparing the turkey, which is no easy task.

•    Make a list of everything you’ll need for the big day—ingredients, table linens, decorations, music, etc. Then go to the store and have these things ready.

•    Prepare a guest list and then be sure you have enough dinnerware and silverware; if not, you may want to head to the store or ask someone to bring some.

•    Also make sure you will have enough seating—look for any extra chairs or big pillows.

•    Prepare and freeze or refrigerate appropriate side dishes and desserts a couple days before. This way you won’t stress about getting everything done in time.

•    Don’t forget to defrost the turkey (if it’s frozen). *Remember to allow 24 hours for every 5 pounds if you’re going to defrost a turkey in the refrigerator.

•    Create a timetable for all cooking that has to be done the day of, in order to ensure that everything will be ready by mealtime. Count backward from the said dinnertime, writing down the time everything goes into the oven or microwave or oven. Don’t forget the dishes that will have to be reheated.

•    Tidy up the house, and put up some holiday decorations! Also be sure that the guest bathroom is extra clean, with fresh towels!

For the day of Thanksgiving…

Photo from Hammer51012 via Flickr

Photo from Hammer51012 via Flickr

•    Eat breakfast the morning of. This will prevent you and your family from over stuffing yourselves, and it helps prevent grumpiness while everyone anxiously awaits the dinner.

•    And don’t forget about you! It’s going to be a big day with a lot to do, so rest up and mentally prepare yourself. Be sure you have an outfit picked out—you too will be fabulous in addition to the food and presentation.

•    Get the kids to help set the table, greet guests, take people’s coats, etc.

•    Have entertainment going on; it can be music, crafts for the kids, be creative.

If you can think of any other helpful tips, let San Diego know in the comment box below. Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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