Ten Quick and Healthy Snacks

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Photo From "D Sharon Pruitt" via Flikr

Photo From "D Sharon Pruitt" via Flikr

It feels like we are always constantly dieting.  Counting calories and portioning have become a prominent lifestyle for women (and some men).  I know for me it is hard to always eat healthy because of my hectic school and work schedule.  Here is a list of some healthy snacks that I put together when I am in a hurry.  They are all very easy to make and are extremely healthy for you, keeping you going throughout the day.

1.    Smoothie: this usually depends on your preferences with fruit; personally I love strawberries and bananas.  All you need to do is throw in a whole banana, frozen/fresh strawberries, apple juice, and non-fat vanilla yogurt into a blender.  For protein you can sometimes add protein powder to give you energy to last the day.

2.    Frozen Yogurt: there are places all around the city now offering frozen yogurt.  Fro-yo is not only extremely healthy for you if you add fruit or granola with it, it also tastes amazing.  Most brands of yogurt are 20 calories and ounce and are mostly fat-free. Just watch out for high-calorie, high-sugar toppings.

3.    Hard Boiled Egg: is crammed with protein, keeps you full, and contains only around 60 calories. You can add some paprika, salt, and pepper to add some flavor to it.

4.    Vegetable Soup:  may take some preparation, but it is easy to store and is a great quick meal.  All you need is vegetable broth, celery, mushrooms, green beans, carrots, pinto and kidney beans, and whatever else your heart desires.  Cook on low for a half an hour and your ready to go.

5.    Cheese Quesadilla: this is a pretty basic meal, cheese and tortillas.  Good additives can be slices of an avocado, lettuce, and homemade salsa. It’s not necessarily the healthiest, but it’s a great alternative to carne asada fries or 1 lb burritos at your favorite mexican restaurant.

6.   Bananas/Apples/Celery and Peanut butter: basically anything goes good with peanut butter!  Pick your favorite fruit or vegetable and dip away.

7.    Cottage Cheese Veggie Dip: vegetables are low calories and the non-fat cottage cheese is around 160 calories.  Sometimes I like to make a fruit salad and eat that with my cottage cheese.  Fruits such as cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, and bananas taste amazing with it.

8.    Whole-Wheat Pretzels Dipped in Spicy Mustard: this is pretty self-explanatory, the mix tastes perfect together.

9.   Dried Nuts and Raisins Mix: if you love chocolate you can include a few M&Ms and call it “Trail Mix”.  Low-sugar, dry cereal works well in this also.

10.   Pita Bread: Fill it with your favorite hummus and fresh veggies. The whole-wheat pita is around 80 calories, but it does contain lots of carbohydrates, so you may not want to eat this all the time.

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