Take Your Home Gym to the Next Level

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If you enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home, then you only have room for the essential workout equipment. Fill your garage or an empty room with the best gym equipment that will get you in the best shape, without every leaving your home. Transform your home and your body with these must-have pieces of equipment. Sure, start with an exercise ball, some hand weights, yoga mat and the other basic. When you’re ready to step it up, here’s what we recommend:

Punching Bag

A punching bag hanging in your garage is the perfect place to blow off some steam after a hard day. Boxing and punching bags are a great form of cardio and a perfect way to tone your abs and arms. This form of therapy heals your body while healing your mind and will be your favorite new activity for when you feel anxious or simply want a good workout.

Rowing Machine

This machine will have your upper body toned in no time. A rowing machine provides a stellar upper body workout and will make your shoulders and arms look impeccable. A couple sets on this machine a day will leave you feeling lean and satisfied. Rowing can make your back stronger as well and will improve your posture.

Cycling Bike

One of the best forms of cardio, is cycling. If you don’t have time before work to go to your spin class, then hit the bike for 15 minutes in your garage. Even 15 minutes of this quick cardio will burn a decent amount of calories before you go to work for 8 hours. You can even put a TV in your workout room and play your favorite movie and the time will fly by! Cycling is also fun and exciting, so plug in your favorite upbeat song and pedal as fast as you can.

Weight Lifting Bench

Lifting weights is just as important as cardio. You won’t see any changes in your physical appearance if you just do cardio, so make sure weight lifting is incorporated into your workout routine every day. A weight lifting bench is perfect for everything weight related, and you can use these weights for more than just upper body strength. You can use the weights for squats and legs as well. Weights help tone your body and people will start to notice your strength and lean muscle that you have created.

Medicine Balls

These medicine balls are perfect for abdominal strength. Create a set of workouts such as sit-ups, side thrusts, and toe touches, all using these medicine balls. The added weight will help you feel the burn as your tone your abs and get ready for bikini season. Throw in 15 minutes a day with these medicine balls and your abs and posture will improve tremendously. These can be used for any type of activity for a partner as well. Squat down and throw the balls back and forth with a partner to create leg and arm muscle as well.

Be creative with how you use your equipment and enjoy getting fit in the comfort of your own home today.

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