Germs at the Gym: Tips to Remain Safe

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Getting yourself to the gym is a battle that many people lose, but for those that make it, you have another battle… how to protect yourself from unnecessary germs, and of course, COVID-19.

While the gym can be the prime spot to help you achieve a more fit lifestyle, it can be a place rife with germs that can lead to illness. Coming down with a nasty bug should be the last thing on your mind as you enter a workout, so here are some valuable tips to make sure you avoid germs at the gym. 

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Wear a Mask

Masks are required if you are going to exercise in a gym, or even outside. The best way to protect yourself from COVID is through mask wearing, social distancing, and by washing your hands regularly. The same is true at the gym.

Stop touching your face 

A mask will help keep you from unknowingly touching your face, but in the heat of a tough workout, it’s only natural to want to wipe the sweat off your face and keep pounding away.

The easiest ways germs infiltrate your body is through your mucous membranes, which include the eyes, mouth, and nose. By touching your face, you’re giving germs a first-class ticket to the inside of your body. Avoid this by not touching your face after handling gym equipment, and by using a personal towel to wipe away all perspiration. 

Clean your hands often 

It’s a good idea to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your gym bag so you can wash your hands between using pieces of equipment. Keeping your hands clean will ensure no pesky germs are hitching a ride on your hands. 

Clean equipment before use 

Germs can lurk on any surface in the gym, so you’re going to want to wipe equipment down before using. Use antibacterial or alcohol-based cloths are a good way to ensure any lurking germs are killed before you use the equipment. Most gyms provide these, but it doesn’t hurt to pack some of your own.

Disinfect your gym bag regularly 

Your gym bag is probably thrown around all sorts of areas, and you probably don’t give it a second thought. However, by doing so, you’re increasing your risk of coming into contact with germs. Try disinfecting your gym bag a few times a week by using antibacterial spray so you’re not bringing home any germs. 

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