Essential Items for Building a Home Gym

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With gyms across the country temporarily closed, it’s understandable that everyone may be getting a bit stir-crazy that they can’t get their normal workouts in. If you’ve ever had the desire to set up a home-gym, now might be the best time ever to do so. While many people may think the idea of a home gym sounds expensive, you can actually get a decent set-up without breaking the bank. 

Starting with the basics, let’s go over the essentials that will help you create a home gym in no time. 

Resistance Bands 

These things are excellent for any resistance training you’re doing in your workouts. Resistance bands are lightweight, inexpensive, and are super easy to store. They’re great for doing lower-body exercises, but can be adapted for getting in upper-body work as well. Most sets come with bands that vary in resistance, giving you a decent range of challenges for whatever exercises you’re doing. 

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A kettlebell can be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your home gym. With a kettlebell you can complete a full workout without ever needing anything else. Exercises like kettlebell swings, lunges, and squats are excellent for building upper and lower-body strength. Your best bet is to go for a low-to-mid weight range if you just get one. That way, it can be used for all sorts of exercises while still providing a decent challenge.

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Pull-up bar 

Pull-ups are a staple exercise for any fitness enthusiasts. The movement is one of the best out there, essentially targeting every muscle in your upper-body. A pull-up bar is inexpensive and can be used in pretty much any door frame. It can also be placed on the ground to be used when doing modified push-ups. For how cheap and versatile it is, it is without a doubt an essential home-gym item. 


Dumbbells are a staple for any gym, so having a few for your home gym is a must. I recommend getting a set of medium-weight and heavy-weight dumbbells so you’re covered for a wide range of exercises. While weight ranges will vary between people, if you don’t know where to start, it might be a good idea to go with an 8-pound and 15-pound set. That way, you have a decent weight for both upper and lower-body exercises. 

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Exercise Mat 

Using an exercise mat will make yoga and floor exercises way more comfortable. If you do a lot of ab exercises, pushups, stretching, an exercise mat will be an excellent addition to your workouts. Try looking for a thick mat with ample cushioning, especially if you’re working out on hard flooring. 

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TRX Training System 

The TRX suspension training system is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to complete full body workouts all packed into a portable and easy-to-use form factor. TRX is great if you have a ton of space for your home workouts, as it can be used in practically any setting. While it’s a bit more expensive than the equipment above, the investment is well worth it thanks to its versatility.

Building a home gym doesn’t require spending thousands of dollars for commercial-quality equipment. With just the essentials, you can be well on your way to having the ability to complete top-notch workouts in the comfort of your home. 

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