Spring 2010 Fashion Trends

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Photo from art comments via Flickr

Photo from Art Comments via Flickr

April is almost upon us and that should mean warmer weather, so ladies it’s time to put those Uggs into storage, bring out the flips flops and start shopping for spring.

The start of each season is a perfect time to go shopping in any of San Diego’s expansive outdoor shopping malls. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the spring weather and get a cute pair of sandals at the same time.

There are a number of big trends this year. You can always find a variety of styles and prices to fit your taste. As you head to Horton Plaza, Fashion Valley or whatever your favorite mall is, keep in mind these ten fashion trends (and click on the links) so you will know just what to buy.

  • Colors: Before you purchase anything, it is important to note the color. This year, neutral and pastel colors are all the rage. So as long as you purchase any dress or shoes with these colors in mind you’ll look fashionable. Light violet, turquoise, soft corals and grays, bright pinks and pastel yellows are the colors you should look out for.
  • Ruffles: This is a super girly trend that anyone can pull off, it’s just a matter of placement and quantity. Less is more when it comes to ruffles, a simple top with some ruffles around the collar, a dress with smooth, long and lean ruffles along the skirt are just the right amounts for this trend.
  • Sheer fabrics: During New York’s fashion week, many models strutted down the runways in almost see through blouses. Sheer tops are very popular for the warmer weather and an easy way to pull off the look is by wearing a seamless, non sheer camisole underneath but if you want to go bold, a trendy look would be to wear a bright bra underneath a simple sheer top a la Lady Gaga. This trend goes along with the underwear as outerwear trend also seen during fashion week.
  • Sequins: Another trend where you have to be careful not to go overboard, sequins, are perfect to wear for a night out in the Gaslamp. Sequined dresses are in as well as tops even shorts. For a daytime look, just wear one piece at a time and pair with something neutral.
  • Mixed print florals: Spring time means flowers are in bloom so you are going to find lots of clothes with floral prints. Dresses are one of the best ways to wear this trend. Things to keep in mind, if you’re on the short side, try not to pick large prints, go for tops with smaller flowers printed on them. If you’re taller you can certainly go for the bolder prints. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, many designers like Vera Wang are playing with different patterns.
  • Denim: Jeans are always in no matter the season but for spring you might want to take some of your old jeans and rough them up a bit. Distressed jeans are in for spring, so look for rips (preferably vertical shreds) and patches. This look is good for shorts and skirts as well. When wearing this trend be sure to pair your torn jeans with a nice top, something that does not look distressed so you still look polished yet stylish.
  • Peek a boo: Continuing with the distressed look, designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors showcased dresses and skirts that allowed for some skin to peek through. This is certainly a bolder trend but it goes along with the sheer tops trend, if you want to be more conservative you can pair a sheer top with a cardigan and for a trendier look, shop for dresses with cut outs.
  • Stripes: The nautical look continues to be popular for spring and summer, it’s a classic look that doesn’t seem to go out of style. When shopping for stripes keep in mind that narrow stripes are more flattering than wide stripes. Also pick classic colors like black and white and navy to pair stripes more easily with other pieces. You can even mix your stripes with florals to create a really trendy look.
  • Chunky jewelery: Accessories can be an easy and inexpensive way to update your look so make sure to shop for chunky necklaces and big rings. Chunky bracelets were worn by many of Burberry’s models at fashion week as well. One piece of chunky jewelry with each outfit should keep you looking chic.
  • Sandals: Last year gladiator sandals were everywhere, this year the trend is more ethnic or tribal looking sandals. They look similar to gladiator sandals but have more embellishments such as beads and sequins. Also look out for snake skin and other more exotic textures. Braided sandals are also part of this trend.

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