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In today’s world, your sole job may not be enough to bring you the level of financial security that you desire. Maybe you want to save a little extra money on the side for that vacation, or want some extra spending money separate from your salary. Many people have turned to creating a side hustle to help increase their financial standing. You don’t have to wait around for that raise you want, but don’t know when it will come. There are numerous steps you can take to begin generating a second, third, or even fourth income, to supplement your salary.

uberThe ridesharing economy has since taken off with the likes of companies such as Uber and Lyft leading the way. These companies have given you the ability to generate income with the car you own, turning your vehicle in a money generating machine. Getting started with these companies is easy, requiring only a quick background check and a car inspection. Driving for a ridesharing company is completely on your own time, and requires no set schedule. Say you want to spend a few hours each day on the weekends driving for one of these companies, that could net you a solid $100-$200 each week, depending on the city you live in.

If you have a particular skill in certain common school subjects, you can use your knowledge to provide academic tutoring to students, ranging from children all the way to young adults. You can market your services to local schools and universities, and can generate a side income. More technical subjects like programming and math can net you even more money, and it can be completely on your own time. There is also a we sure called Teachers Pay Teachers that allows you to create learning content that can be bought by current teachers.

This option takes a little more time to fully develop, but creating and running your own blog can eventually become a great way to generate passive income. After developing a base of readers, your blog can utilize ads and sponsors within it, and generate an income that you won’t even have to work for. Nowadays, blogs are very common, and can be an outlet where you can write about anything really. If you have a specific interest that you think others will enjoy reading about, create your own blog and continue to work at it. Eventually, it could grow into a very lucrative site. Plus, they are easy to get started with, using providers like BlueHost and WordPress.

cameraIf you have always had a passion for photography, why not use it to generate some side income? With online places like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Bigstockphoto, you can license your photos out to people who may want to use them for professional or commercial purposes, and allow you to make residual income.

eBay is also a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. Everyone has junk that has been collecting dust in some part of your home, so why not catalog it and see if anyone would want to purchase it on eBay? Setting up your items for sale on eBay is easy, and only requires a PayPal account. Some users of the cite are reported to make over $1000 a month casually selling old or unused items around the house.

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